Chest Pain Completed Shadow Health

Chest Pain Completed Shadow Health

Focused Exam: Chest Pain Results | Turned In
Health Assessment Lab – Fall 2020, N 340L
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Education & Empathy : 1 of 4 (25.0%)
During the patient interview, there are a number of opportunities to provide patient education and empathy. The opportunities listed below are
those identified by nursing experts to be of particular importance to this patient. A Model Statement is provided as an example of an appropriate response to each opportunity.
Opportunities marked as Not Encountered are opportunities that were not elicited in the interview
Opportunities marked as Not Followed Up are missed opportunities that were present in the interview, but where no statements were ma
Opportunities marked as Followed Up were followed up by students, and include the dialogue between student and patient
Description: Mr. Foster shares his emotions over his family history of illness and death.
does your family have a history of heart problems? Questio
07:04 PM PD
Well, my mom’s dad died of a heart attack. He was pretty young too. Scares the bejeezus out of me.
do you drink water? Questio
07:05 PM PD
Model Statement: “Thank you for telling me about your family’s health. It’s clear you care for your
family and hate to see them suffer, especially as it indicates your own risk factors. This medical history will
help us develop a care plan for your own health.”
Description: Mr. Foster reports that he does not exercise regularly.
how often do you exercise? Questio
07:01 PM PD
Well I used to ride my bike a lot but it got stolen a couple years ago. I guess I haven’t had much regular
exercise since then…I want to get a new bike after I recover from this surgery.
what would you say your stress level is? Questio
07:02 PM PD


Your Results Lab Pass (/assignment_attempts/8095189/lab_pass.p
Subjective Data Collection
Objective Data Collection
Education & Empathy
Care Plan
Student Survey 1 Family Medical History Not Followed U
2 Exercise Not Followed U

Model Statement: “Exercise can lead to health improvements for everyone, and is helpful for people
with high blood pressure and cholesterol. We can help you consider some healthy forms of exercise that
you might be interested in trying.”
Description: Mr. Foster describes the symptoms that have been distressing him.
why are you here today? Questio
03:57 PM PD
I’m having a really uncomfortable pressure in my chest right now.
I am so sorry to hear that Empathiz
03:58 PM PD
Yes, thank you.
Model Statement: “I share your concern for these symptoms, and I’m sorry you’re under so much
discomfort and stress. We’re going to assess what’s going on so we can develop a quick and appropriate
treatment plan.”
Description: Mr. Foster describes his dietary habits and reveals gaps in nutrition.
do you drink water? Questio
07:05 PM PD
I usually drink water all day at work. At least a liter, probably more.
do you smoke Questio
07:08 PM PD
Nope, I had a lot of friends who did but I never started.
have you had any surgeries? Questio
07:09 PM PD
Just this prostate surgery, nothing else.
Yep, I admit I have some things to learn.
OK, should be doable.
Yeah, of course.
Alright, then.
Model Statement: “Because your diet can impact your health in many ways, it’s best to eat veggies,
fruits, and whole grains, and lean proteins like fish or chicken. Reducing your intake of red meat, refined
sugars, and fried foods could help increase your overall well-being.”
3 Pain and Discomfort Followed Up
4 Diet Not Followed U

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