Week 1 Quiz NURS 6551 – Primary Care of Women

Week 1 Quiz NURS 6551 – Primary Care of Women

1. Which type of counseling results in a statistically significant reduction in STIs?
a. Abstinence-only education
b. Counseling delivered in multiple individual or group sessions totaling more than 3 hours
c. Remote counseling via internet or phone
d. Brief, individual sessions in the primary care setting
2. Women’s health risks, treatments, and approaches are not always based in science and biology
a. The are often based on outdated treatments and approaches
b. They are determined by social expectations and gender assumptions
c. They often rely on alternative treatments and approaches
d. Scientific research often fails to take women into consideration


3. What percentage of older women does NOT receive the recommended immunizations for their age
group, according to a recent study?
a. 10%
b. 25%
c. 50%
d. 75%
4. What is the median age for the onset of menstruation for adolescent girls in the United States?
a. 9.8
b. 10.8
c. 12.8
d. 13.8
5. Why are multiple approaches needed to identify best clinical practices?
a. To reflect the multiple variables within clinical settings
b. To offer alternatives to poorly functioning practices
c. To address the complexity of the human condition
d. To ensure that no single approach dominates
6. Which factor bears most on women’s health care today?
a. The complexity of women’s health
b. Women’s status and position in society
c. Population growth
d. The economy
7. Why is acknowledging the oppression of women more difficult within Western societies?
a. The multiplicity of minority groups complicates the issue.
b. The availability of health care makes acknowledgment more difficult.

Week 1 Quiz
NURS 6551 – Primary Care of Women
c. The diversity of the news media clouds the issue.
d. Affluence and increased opportunities mask oppression
8. In what way does a model of care based on feminist perspective contrast sharply with a biomedical
a. It provides a forum for the exploration of gender issues.
b. It seeks equal distribution of power within the health care interaction
c. It emphasizes women’s rights
d. It opens new avenues for women’s health care
9. What is the leading preventable cause of death across all populations in the United States?
a. Motor vehicle accidents
b. Tobacco
c. Obesity
d. Alcoholism
10. What is the USPSTF recommendation regarding firearms?
a. Remove from homes with children under the age of 10
b. Store in locked compartments
c. Remove from home, or store unloaded in locked compartments
d. Remove from private homes.

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