BUS273 Semester Project – Medical Marijuana

BUS273 Semester Project – Medical Marijuana

BUS273 Semester Project – Medical Marijuana

“A total of 33 states, the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico have approved a comprehensive public medical marijuana/cannabis program” (National Conference of State Legislatures, 2018), signaling a shift in “public” acceptance unheard of in the last 50 years.

Additionally, 11 states and the District of Columbia now have legalized small amounts of marijuana for adult recreational use, creating a conflict with federal existing law and serious potential issues for business owners. Your assignment involves significant academic research on the rights, responsibilities, and legalities of business interactions with medical marijuana usage by staff and suppliers. To enhance your learning and overall point earning of this major assignment, please consider the following.

Now for the assignment deliverables:

A well written and properly APA formatted and researched submission that addresses the questions in this project (use the feedback provided from your instructor on the Hiawatha Supper Club paper for APA formatting).

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BUS273 Semester Project – Medical Marijuana

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The paper word count must be at minimum 1250 words and a maximum of 2000 words (excluding the cover page, abstract, and reference pages).

Your submission is required to have at minimum five academic sources including appropriate in-text citations in addition to those supplied by your instructor.

Read the syllabus directions for in-depth information and ask questions early. An assignment that equals 15% of your course grade is important enough for you to make this effort.

You are to thoroughly address the questions posed below with factual data and not submit an uninformed opinion piece. Note your submission will be screened through Vericite Plagiarism Detection software and non-original postings will be viewed based on your syllabus section on “Academic Integrity and Student Conduct” (p.9-10).

You will address the questions based on the following assumptions:

You are a business owner in Elko County that employs a minimum 20 employees but less than 100. Think of a manufacturing company, mine contractor, hospitality provider (casino, hotel, restaurant, etc.).

You currently have a stable and thriving business with several long term staffers but also have significant turnover.

You have a non-union staff and have been approached by employees with questions on the laws relating to medical marijuana usage and work.

The questions:

What is your responsibility to the staff and consumer regards medical marijuana usage during employees “off time”?

What can you legally do regards enforcement of federal versus state medical marijuana laws?

Can you fire an employee for usage that is confirmed with a drug test at the business? Should you? Why?

What considerations do you see as being relevant to this business concern?

You must proofread your paper. But do not strictly rely on your computer’s spell-checker and grammar-checker; failure to do so indicates a lack of effort on your part and you can expect your grade to suffer accordingly. Papers with numerous misspelled words and grammatical mistakes will be penalized. Read over your paper – in silence and then aloud – before handing it in and make corrections as necessary. Often it is advantageous to have a friend proofread your paper for obvious errors. Handwritten corrections are preferable to uncorrected mistakes.

Use a standard 10 to 12 point (10 to 12 characters per inch) typeface. Smaller or compressed type and papers with small margins or single-spacing are hard to read. It is better to let your essay run over the recommended number of pages than to try to compress it into fewer pages.

Likewise, large type, large margins, large indentations, triple-spacing, increased leading (space between lines), increased kerning (space between letters), and any other such attempts at “padding” to increase the length of a paper are unacceptable, wasteful of trees, and will not fool your professor.

The paper must be neatly formatted, double-spaced with a one-inch margin on the top, bottom, and sides of each page. When submitting hard copy, be sure to use white paper and print out using dark ink. If it is hard to read your essay, it will also be hard to follow your argument.

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