Discussion: Masters for nurse practitioner program

Discussion: Masters for nurse practitioner program

Discussion: Masters for nurse practitioner program

I need assistance with writing a case study scenario using SOAP format and APA style format. NO PLAGIARISM allowed. Will need attachment documentation for turnitin. PLEASE read the instructions. Will need to review the Rubric and view the template examples that will be provided. The review of systems and physical examination shoaled correlate with the given scenario. This is for my masters for nurse practitioner program: it is my final grade. Once again, NO PLAGIARISM and requires proper citations. Case scenario needs a diagnosis and a 3 differential diagnosis. The case scenario is about a young male with STD. The diagnosis should be chancroid; differential diagnosis can be syphillus and genital warts for example.


The following attachments are as follow:


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Discussion: Masters for nurse practitioner program

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1. The case study scenario- should be what the case study is about. Please read. I already provided the diagnosis I want.

2. Rubric for individual case study- Please adhere to the rubric:

3. Irene’s case study- This is an example of my first case study. Feel free to keep the similar format. Satisfy the rubric.

4. Sample template case study- This is another example provided by the instructor. NOT MY FAVORITE plus does not completely satisfy the rubric


1. Write a case study about the given case scenario using the SOAP format.

2. Review and follow the case study writing outline and rubric in building your case and as basis of grading.

3. Paperwork must be submitted via assignment link provided in the Blackboard on or before 7/29/2020 11:59 pm.


Case Scenario:

A 21-year old college student and self-described as a “ladies’ man” presents to the clinic because of a concerning spot that developed on his penis. He complains of pain at the spot but denies itching. He reports no fever. When asked further about his sexual practices, he reports no condom use because his partners are all “on the pill.” He had chlamydia in high school but is otherwise healthy.

The rest of the pertinent medical histories are unremarkable.

His review of systems is negative.

VS: BP 120/80; HR  70; RR 16; T 98.0 F; Pain level 3/10

On examination of the penis, you find a 1-cm tender, erythematous papule with a deep central ulceration at the glans penis. There is some mild, tender lymphadenopathy in the inguinal area. The rest of the examination is unremarkable.

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