Filling Out ATI Medication Templates Essay

Filling Out ATI Medication Templates Essay

Filling Out ATI Medication Templates Essay





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Filling Out ATI Medication Templates Essay

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Therapeutic Use: Hypertension, esp with aldosterone-mediated fluid retention Long term treatment of angina pectoris May be used to prevent reinfarction following an MI
Complications: Hypotension Bradycardia Nausea /vomiting
Contraindications/Precautions: Contraindicated: Sinus bradycardia; First degree Heart block; Cardiac Failure Shock Precaution: Hhistory of asthma
Interactions: *Calcium channel blockers, Verapamil, and diltiazem intensify effects of beta blockers *Other antihypertensives can intensify hypotensive effects
Evaluation of Medication Effectiveness: Absence of chest pain Absence of dysrhythmias Normotensive BP Control of heart failure s/s
Expected Pharmacological Action: Decreased heart rate Decreased peripheral resistance Decreased BP
Nursing Interventions: *Monitor HR before and after administration. Hold medication if HR is below 60 bpm and report. *Monitor BP before and after treatment Monitor for signs of heart failure
Medication Administration: Tablets: give one dose per day IV: Administer slowly 1 mg/min
Client Education: Do not discontinue without consulting physician. Avoid sudden changes in position. Do not crush or chew extended release tabs. Self monitor BP and HR

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