NURS 3315 Holistic Health Assessment Essay 3

NURS 3315 Holistic Health Assessment Essay 3

NURS 3315 Holistic Health Assessment Essay 3

Submit quiz and assignments by 2359 Saturday night of the week this content is covered. Discussion board posting begins this week–see the instructions and rubric under the “Group” heading for Week 3

Overview: Use the interview guides and assessment forms for the topics we are covering. See the module 1 assignment instructions to refresh your memory if you are not sure about saving or submitting the work. Remember that you don’t have to use the same person as an assessment partner for the entire class—try to find assessment “models” among people who actually have health problems so that you get experience assessing and documenting abnormal findings if possible.

For Assignment 3 A, you will fill out the guides below:

• Thorax • Lungs

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NURS 3315 Holistic Health Assessment Essay 3

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For Assignment 3 B, you will do the following:

• Heart • Neck Vessels • Peripheral Vascular system


Note: N/A and Normal/WNL and “good” are not acceptable as assessment findings. For this class, you must state what the finding is—that applies to the work for each week.

Submitting your assignment

 Save this document to your desktop as a Word document.

 Open the document from your desktop and type your information directly into the assignment areas provided on the template.

 Save the completed document template as a Word document.

 Return to Blackboard and upload to assignment portal.

Module 3 Assignment: Assignment A (Thorax and lungs) with SBAR, and Assignment B (Heart, neck vessels, and peripheral vascular system.)

NURS 3315 Holistic Health Assessment

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Rubric for Assignment 3 A (the rubric for 3 B is below)

Use this rubric to guide your work.

Excellent Good Needs Work Needs extensive work

Clearly incomplete

Use of specifically prohibited


10 Points Uses no vague

terms such as

good, normal,

N/A or not


7 Points 1 – 3 incorrect

terms are


5 Points 4 – 5 incorrect

terms are used.

2 Points 6 – 8


terms are


0 Points 9 or more


terms used.

Assessment descriptions

45 points All descriptions are appropriate & complete, describing findings as unilateral/bilateral, symmetrical or asymmetrical when appropriate. Uses correct units of measurement

40 points 1 – 5 descriptions that are not complete, or an area is missing/blank.

30 points 6 to 10 or more descriptions are incomplete or two areas are missing/blank.

20 points More than 10 areas are incomplete, or more than 2-4 areas are missing information/bl ank.

0 points Most descriptions are incomplete or more than 4 areas of the assessment are blank.


5 Points Short sentences

or phrases are

used, no



4 Points One to two



3 Points three to five



2 Points Six to eight



0 Points Greater than

8 grammar


SBAR Situation

10 Points Situation or

current problem

–the reason why

this problem is

important, how

severe, when it


7.5 Points Situation is

too wordy or

too brief, not

as clearly

identified as it

should be.

5 Points Vague, not

correctly done.

0 Points Missing

SBAR Background

20 Points Health history

relating to this

problem, what is

being done, and

15 Points Background

too wordy or

too brief, but


10 Points Information

given is vague

or some

pertinent data

5 Points Few


data are

given or

0 Points Missing

altogether or


executed so

NURS 3315 Holistic Health Assessment

©2014 UTA School of Nursing Page 3 of 4

what assessment

NURS 3315 Holistic Health Assessment Essay 3

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