Nursing Evolution Pediatric Essay

Nursing Evolution Pediatric Essay

Nursing Evolution Pediatric Essay

This paper is call nursing evolution because is basically the evolution thought out the Pediatric class since the beginning of the class, and online clinical. this is a final paper Portafolio Requirement which has to be formal writing. You can touch-based with some of the topics about Pediatric class in nursing and the whole experience about it.

I download the requirement and an example from a previous class I made you can guide your self and have an idea what all about!!

Always ask questions any douth

This term was completely different regarding the rest of the terms. First able, the topics were new to all of us. Pregnancy is complex because not only have to think and be assessing and monitoring one person, the pregnant women, but also the fetus. We cover basically since pregnant started along with the complication and risk factor until baby born with all the teaching, discharged and the port partum assessment and complications.

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Nursing Evolution Pediatric Essay

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I learned all the risk that a pregnant woman can have before, during, and after the pregnancy term and how important is to have a healthy balance along with the pregnancy. Many factors affect pregnancy according to our Maternal-Newborn Nursing textbook. For example, “psychosocial factors are maternal behaviors or lifestyles that harm the mother or fetus; these include smoking, caffeine use, alcohol/drug use, and psychological status. Biophysical factors originate from the mother or fetus like genetic, nutritional, medical, and obstetric issues. Sociodemographic factors are variables about the woman and her family that place the mother and the fetus at increased risk. Examples include access to prenatal care, age, parity, marital status, income, and ethnicity and finally, environmental factors are hazards in the workplace or the general environment that impact pregnancy outcomes. Various environmental substances can affect fetal development. Examples include exposure to chemicals, radiation, and pollutants”. (Maternal-newborn nursing: the critical components of nursing care, 2019) We as future nurses are responsible to advocate for the mother and baby and teaching since first prenatal visit how to take care of them and how to avoid and prevent all of the risks before mentioned.

In the class, we also learned about the complication such as preeclampsia and eclampsia, ectopic, and hydatidiform mole pregnancy. Placenta previa and abruption placenta, and their main difference being that abruption has severe abdominal pain and tense abdomen or continuous, dull back pain while the other is painless. Both have bright red bleeding and C-section is required. “Sexually transmitted infection, and how can pass to the fetus by crossing the placenta and some can be transmitted to the baby during delivery as the baby passes through the birth canal.” (Maternal-newborn nursing: the critical components of nursing care, 2019)

Also, the importance of how to be constantly assessing the mother and the baby FHR during labor and or C- section. Without mention all the many complications post-partum for women like hemorrhage, infection, and paralytic ilium and for the baby, respiratory distress. The baby’s first vaccine-like Vitamin-K, and if the mother is RH- and the baby is Rh +, RhoGAM is given in 28 weeks of gestation. The teaching for mother after baby born before discharge from the hospital is also extremely important, and more for primigravida, which is the first-time having babies and no experiences at all with mew born. For this mother, the teaching has to be very specific and in detail. How to breastfeed correctly, the first baby bath, how to dress and diaper the baby, and what to observe and monitor in the baby to call the doctor are some of the main teachings.

This term not only was different because of the class but also because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I was excited about this class because the clinical and the information will be everything completely new and different from the other clinicals. After I found out that the classes were online, I have to admit I got sad because despite the school brings us the best programs to feel as much as close to the reality as they can, to be honest is never the same experienced.

But in the end, after almost 10 weeks I can say I enjoyed the class. I been study and learned a lot, missing the real-world clinic site and school environment, but still impressing myself with all the new information and how beautiful and blessed this career is, and how glad I am to be on this path and had taken this decision of being a nurse.

References: Nursing Evolution Pediatric Essay

· Durham, R.., & Chapman, L. (2019). Maternal-newborn nursing: the critical components of nursing care. Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis Company

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