Assignment: Collective counseling

Assignment: Collective counseling

Assignment: Collective counseling


Assignment: Collective counseling

20. The basic criterion for the selection of group members is:

a. whether they will contribute to the group or whether they will be counterproductive
b. whether they are dependent or independent personalities
c. the absence of any neurotic symptoms.
d. The degree to which the group leader likes the person
e. The degree to which the prospective member likes the leader

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Assignment: Collective counseling

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21. Alfred Adler’s form of group counseling was referred to as ____________________________

a. collective counseling
c. psychodrama
b. group marathon
d. phyloanalysis

22. Alcoholics Anonymous is a type of ______________ group.

a. collective counseling
b. Basic Skills Training
c. self-help
d. total quality

23. The term “open-ended” refers to _____________________

a. leadership changes
b. new members can be admitted at any time
c. new members can not be admitted after first session
d. the location of the group frequently changes

24. Group ___________ involves the actual words, ideas, and information exchanged within a group.

a. process
b. work
c. content
d. action

25. When a group leader distances himself or herself from conflict within the group or postpones interventions, he or she is said to be using this method of conflict intervention.

a. traffic director
b. suppression of conflict
c. withdrawal from conflict
d. working out a compromise

26. When pointing out that group members may share individual concerns, the group leader uses the skill of __________

a. blocking
b. diagnosing
c. protecting
d. linking

27. This task is one of the steps that group members must accomplish during their first sessions of group.

a. deal with apprehension
b. set up seating chart
c. confront members on their silence
d. eliminate group rules

28. This form of resistance is characterized by instructing someone on what to do in a particular situation.

a. intellectualizing
b. advice giving
c. band aiding
d. monopolizing

29. __________ refers to putting oneself in another’s place in regard to subjective perception and emotion while maintaining objectivity.

a. facilitating
b. collaborating
c. supporting
d. empathizing

30. Equal member airtime may be increased through the use of ___________________

a. role playing
b. homework
c. rounds
d. groupthink

31. __________________ is usually thought of as the leader’s emotional responses to members that are a result of the leader’s own needs or unresolved issues.

a. unfinished business
b. transference
c. countertransference
d. intertransference

32. One of the dominant values of ethics is ____________ that essentially means “avoiding doing harm.”

a. autonomy
b. nonmaleficence
c. beneficence
d. veracity

33. When a leader suspects that a group member is breaking confidentiality, he or she should __________________

a. ignore the problem
b. call the member at home
c. discuss the matter with the one who’s confidence was broken
d. address the breach during group time

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