Assignment: Psychology Module

Assignment: Psychology Module

Assignment: Psychology Module


Running head: PSYCHOLOGY 1


1. The desire to have someone near to you and feelings of deep, caring affection for a person are traits of ________ love.

a. passionate

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Assignment: Psychology Module

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b. eros

c. romantic

d. companionate

2. Which of the following is a characteristic of all personality disorders?

a. The disorders do not bother the person who has them.

b. The disorders are difficult to treat.

c. The disorders begin in mid-adulthood.

d. The disorders do not bother other people.

3. Highly cohesive groups often think in ways that foster unanimous agreement rather than critical evaluation. This tendency is known as:

a. collective behavior.

b. social facilitation.

c. groupthink.

d. forced compliance.

4. In a study of gender and leadership, women tended to be more ________ than men.

a. masculine

b. task-oriented

c. democratic

d. effective

5. If your friend has an unrealistic sense of self-importance, is preoccupied with her fantasies of self-success, requires constant praise and attention, exploits others, and feels entitled to special consideration, then she most likely possesses ______ personality disorder.


a. schizotypal

b. dependent

c. histronic

d. narcissistic

6. Systematic desensitization is the process of _____.

a. visualizing increasingly anxiety-provoking situations while relaxing

b. using a secondary reward to encourage a particular behavior

c. operant conditioning

d. pairing a behavior with an undesirable consequence

7. The study of group interactions, relationships, perceptions, and attitudes is the study of ________ psychology.

a. behavioral

b. social

c. cognitive

d. group

8. In Milgram’s classic obedience to authority study, how many participants completed the study by giving the highest levels of “shocks” available to give?

a. 75%

b. 65%

c. 85%

d. 95%

9. According to social psychologists, ______ are beliefs that predispose us to act and feel and certain ways.

a. conforms


b. stereotypes

c. attitudes

d. social roles

10. Which of the following is a characteristic of sexual harassment?

a. Consensual sex

b. Desired sexual advances

c. Requests for sexual favors

d. Telling unfunny jokes

11. The technique from persuasion called ______ means that a person makes a small request first to get you to agree, then makes a larger request second.

a. foot-in-the-door

b. door-in-the-face

c. obedience to authority

d. bait-and-switch

12. The ______ a measure predicts ______ job performance, the less biased it is against ethnic minority groups.

a. worse; past

b. better; future

c. better; past

d. worse; future

13. If your friend exhibits a high degree of suspiciousness and mistrust of others, extreme irritability, and coldness, then he would most likely possess ______ personality disorder.

a. avoidant


b. borderline

c. paranoid

d. histronic

14. Which of the following would be an example of the use of intelligent tutoring systems?

a. A computer is programmed to be an individual tutor for a student

b. A computer program is used to schedule tutoring times in the library

c. A computer program is used to grade short answer English essays

d. One-on-one tutoring is used to help students become more self-confident

15. In a classic study, Sherif and colleagues showed that prejudice can arise between randomly divided students. This study demonstrated an explanation for prejudice called:

a. unrealized conflict.

b. groupthink.

c. us versus them.

d. deindividuation.

16. Today, the focus of educational psychology is primarily on:

a. curriculum change.

b. redesigning classrooms.

c. improving new technologies.

d. educating slow learners.

17. Of the approximately 6 billion people on earth, about how many live in an extreme poverty situation?

a. Under 1 million

b. 250,000,000


c. Over 1 billion

d. Over 3.2 billion

18. What is most likely to change when behavior and attitudes are inconsistent?

a. Attitudes will often follow behavior.

b. Behavior will generally change to match attitudes.

c. Behaviors will generally change in the direction of the attitude and the attitude, will change in the direction of the behavior.

d. Neither will change in most persons.

19. Your friend works for a major corporation that manufactures sprockets. If she says that job satisfaction is high in her plant, which of the following could you predict with the greatest accuracy?

a. Turnover and absenteeism are low.

b. Productivity is very high.

c. Job performance tests are not used for promotion purposes.

d. Intelligence tests are used to measure productivity.

20. When an employee contributes to the social welfare of the organization by cooperating and helping other employees or going beyond the call of duty to help the organization, this is an example of:

a. simulated management task follow-through.

b. structured interview predictability.

c. in-basket success.

d. organizational citizenship.


Assignment: Psychology Module

Assignment: Psychology Module

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