Purpose: Discussion Unit

Purpose: Discussion Unit

Purpose: Discussion Unit

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Things to remember:

Discussion post is at least 200 words.

Answers all questions with opinions/ideas creatively and clearly. Supports post using several outside, peer-reviewed sources.

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Purpose: Discussion Unit

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3 References, try to find resources that are 5 years or less

No errors with APA format 6thEdition

To Discuss:


· Please review the Discussion Board Participation grading rubric under Course Resources in

· the Grading Rubrics section.

· This is important information that will ensure that you earn maximum points. Your postings

· should be qualitative and provide substantive depth that advances the discussion.

· Please see the Kaplan Writing Center located in the student portal for assistance with writing,

· APA, and online communication.

· Topic 1: PICOT

Complete the EBP Implementation Scale on p. 599 for your PICOT. Post your results here for peer and instructor feedback.

Note: My PICOT is In cancer patients receiving chemotherapy will they have better white blood cell count monitoring with a follow-up at home versus follow-up at a health care facility during their treatment.



Topic 2: Your Press Release

Post your sample press release for your proposed grant for evidence-based practice implementation of the PICOT project identified in this course. Make sure to provide feedback to one of your peers. Your instructor will provide feedback about your press release.
Neither of the Discussions are graded.

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