Nursing Standardized Simulation (Jesus Garcia)

Nursing Simulation (Jesus Garcia)

Nursing Standardized Simulation (Jesus Garcia)



Jesus Garcia is a 28 years who was directly admitted to the medical unit on Tuesday evening with a diagnosis of dehydration. Fifteen days ago, Jesus underwent a partial colectomy with creation of a transverse colostomy. Jesus’ girlfriend Virginia has been taking care of him since discharge and reports that Jesus has resisted participation in colostomy care. Virginia needs to return to her full-time job and is concerned with how Jesus will manage without her at his side.


In order to prepare for the simulation, you are required to complete the pre-briefing questions below and submit to the faculty facilitating the simulation prior to the start of pre-briefing. If you do not complete the pre-briefing questions below and submit to faculty facilitating the simulation prior to the start of pre-briefing, you will not be permitted to participate in the simulation.

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Nursing Standardized Simulation (Jesus Garcia)

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Please keep in mind you will also be required to recognize a variety of signs and symptoms linked to abnormalities in these skills.

Nursing Standardized Simulation (Jesus Garcia)

1. What are common signs and symptoms of dehydration?

2. What are complications you may see as a result of poor nutrition?

3. Describe nursing care and interventions for a client with a colostomy


CNA ANd NSO Risk ContRol self-assessment CheCklist foR nuRse PRaCtitioneRs 1

Risk ContRol self-assessment CheCklist foR nuRse PRaCtitioneRs This checklist is designed to help nurse practitioners evaluate risk exposures associated with their

current practice. For additional nurse practitioner-oriented risk control tools and information, visit and

Self-assessment topic Yes No Actions needed to reduce risks

Clinical specialty

I work in an area that is consistent with my licensure, specialty certification, training and experience.

I know that my competencies – including experience, training, education and skills – are consistent with the needs of my patients.

I understand the specific risks of caring for patients within my clinical specialty.

I decline an assignment if my competencies are not consistent with patient needs.

I ensure that my competencies and experience are appropriate before accepting an assignment to cover for another practitioner.

I am provided with orientation, or request and obtain it, whenever I work in a new or different clinical setting.

I obtain continuing education and training, as needed, to maintain my competencies in my clinical specialty.

Scope of practice and scope of services

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