Assignment: Community Assessment

Assignment: Community Assessment

Assignment: Community Assessment


1. Community Assessment

This assignment is to provide the student the opportunity to study a community, and to formulate a nursing diagnosis pertaining to a deficit in health care. Students are expected to collaborate regarding:

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A. The collection of data

B. The write up of the findings

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Assignment: Community Assessment

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C. The formation for presenting the data on the final clinical day.

A complete comprehensive written assessment of one “community as client”

Include the following components:

Section I: Map

On a large map: No larger than 20×30. No pins or tacks. Mounted.

A. Indicate the community name and district boundaries

B. Indicate the location of Public Services (Police stations, fire stations, hospitals, parks, and main transportation hubs (such as buses and subways)

Section 2: Community Structure

In a binder:

A. Name of Community:

B. Identification of Geographic Boundaries: (i.e. Orlando has several cities that border it including Ocoee to the West etc.)

C. Historical Evolution of the Community

D. Housing Conditions

1. Housing Characteristics (single family, apartments etc.)

2. Total Number of Units

3. Owner Occupied

4. Renter Occupied

5. Vacant

E. Homelessness


2.Mitchell Lama

3.Section Eight Units

4.Public housing

5.Housing for HIV infected individuals

6.Senior housing?

F. Educational Facilities (if not in community than closest)

1. Number of elementary schools

2. Number of middle schools

3. Number of high schools

4. Number of college/universities

G. Places of Worship

1. Denominations: (i.e Catholic Church 32 churches)

2. Percentage of population affiliated with a religious congregation

3. Examples of Services Provided to Parishioners & Community (i.e. parish health)

H. Leading Industries in Community

Assignment: Community Assessment

1. Types of Industries

I. Transportation

1. Major roads & Highways

2. Buses

3. Trains

4. Taxis

5. Bike Paths

6. Nearest Airport(s)

J. Library Services

K. Cultural Activities/Influences in the Community

Section III: Population Statistics

Please construct charts to organize the following data

A. Population

1. Population at last census

2. Population density

3. Population changes in last 10 years

B. Age

1. Are there more children then elderly?

2. Is it a bell shape curve?)

C. Race

D. Gender

E. Employment

F. Family Income

G. Educational Level of people over age 25

H. Marital Status

Assignment: Community Assessment

Section IV: Vital Statistics

Please construct charts to organize the following data

A. Leading Causes of Death

1. Total Number and rates

2. Diseases of the Heart

3. Malignant Neoplasms

4. Cerebrovascular Diseases

5. Pneumonia

6. Accidents and Adverse Effects 7. HIV

8. Diabetes Mellitus

9. Chronic Liver Disease (including cirrhosis)

10. Suicide

11. Nephritis

12. Homicide

B. Births:

1. Total number and rates.

2. Live births

3. Infant mortality

4. Number of unmarried mothers

5. Births of women who had late or no prenatal care

6. Number of mothers on Medicaid

Section V: Environmental Health & Safety

A. Water Supply & Quality

B. Sewage Disposal

C. Solid Waste Management

D. Recycling Policies & Procedures

E. Vector Control Programs insects/rodents/animals

Section VI: Health Related Resources

A. Health Services (including public, acute, home care, community, long term,


B. Social Services (elderly services, pregnant & parenting teams, family

services, problem-focused services)

Section VII: Must be completed by each student individually (Please place in the back of your group binger)

1. Identify an actual or potential health problem in the community. Describe in detail (with references) the problem and the effect the problem has on the population.

2. As a community health nurse develop a plan/strategy to help the community address/solve the problem (Note: This is to be supported by two references from the literature (not your textbook or care planning book).

Assignment: Community Assessment

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