Assignment: Community-Based Nursing Practice

Assignment: Community-Based Nursing Practice

Assignment: Community-Based Nursing Practice

1. You are on the patient safety committee at your hospital. Your assignment is to identify two sources related to safety. One resource must relate to the individual nurse, and the second must relate to the practice and work environment. Identify the ANA website and use this site to identify the resources.

2. Mrs. Langman is in the hospital recovering from hip replacement surgery. Her surgery involved insertion of a new type of hip replacement prosthesis and newer postsurgical care. The advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) is preparing her discharge medication and rehabilitation prescriptions. The staff nurse is preparing to transfer Mrs. Langman to a rehabilitation facility. The nurse educator is conducting bedside rounds to explain the new prosthesis and related postoperative care.

a. Discuss the roles of the staff nurse, APRN, and nurse educator.

b. What is the educational preparation for each role?

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Assignment: Community-Based Nursing Practice

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The Health Care Delivery System

Community Hospital is a 400-bed urban hospital, one of six hospitals in a health care system. The nursing department of the hospital is applying to the American Nurses Credentialing Center for Magnet status. Nursing units are working on a number of projects to prepare for the Magnet application process.

1. You are a staff nurse on a medical-surgical floor at the hospital. The unit is trying to improve its culture in patient safety. How would you go about helping to improve the culture of safety on the unit?

2. Discuss four strategies that the nursing unit can use to deliver patient- and family-centered care.

3. You are asked by a newly hired nurse what the nursing-sensitive outcomes mean and why it is important that the unit measure the outcomes. What is your response?

Community-Based Nursing Practice

You are managing community care for Katie, age 17, who has cerebral palsy and is severely disabled. Because of the impact of this adolescent’s disability, you are also providing care to her mother, Monica, age 50, who is a single parent. Monica has cardiac disease, and all three of her siblings died in their late 50s. She is not able to work and is on public health insurance; Katie is covered through her state insurance program. Katie attends special education programs through the school district, and she will remain eligible for this education until she is 21.

Katie’s two siblings, Josh (22) and Marilyn (19), both have cardiac disease and follow strict health promotion activities, which include diet and exercise. Both are in college and currently live at home. Monica is encouraging them to live in their own apartment when they graduate and have a job.

1. identify some of the social determinants of health for this family. Use the following reference to assist you: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): Social Determinants of Health, Definitions, 2014b, .

2. Which resources do you need to identify for the family?

3. How would you help the family begin to envision the new family structure as Josh and Marilyn move out of the home?

Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Practice

1. Your nursing class is debating the issue of the usefulness of grand theories in current practice. Make a case for the applicability of grand theories in modern nursing and describe how nurses can use the original nursing theory—Nightingale’s environmental theory—in the following settings:

a. Critical Care Unit

b. Emergency Department (ED)

c. Home Health

2. You are providing care to a patient with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) who has been readmitted 3 times within the past month for difficulty breathing. Explain how you would apply Peplau’s interpersonal theory to help this patient prevent complications and promote self-management of his disease.

3. For the same patient described previously, how would you apply Orem’s self-care deficit theory to help the patient? Compare and contrast the use of Peplau’s and Orem’s theories for this patient.

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