Integrative Health Assignment Paper

Integrative Health Assignment Paper

Integrative Health Assignment Paper: Integrative Wellness First, write down how you define integrative health. Then, read the Best Practices in Integrative Medicine:

  • What is Integrative Medicine article and the Master Zion Integrated Health audio file transcript, as he discusses his definition of integrative health. How similar are your definition and his definition?
  • Do you think complementary and alternative health and integrative health are the same? Explain your answer.


Support your discussion with a minimum of one scholarly, peer-reviewed source . All sources must be cited according to APA format. While you may cite the textbook and any other required or recommended resources from this course, one scholarly, peer-reviewed source is required to meet the resource requirement.

Integrative Health Assignment Paper

Sample Introduction

Integrative health is an approach to care that focuses on the aspects of a whole person. It puts the patient at the center and addresses the physical mental and environmental factors that influence a patient’s recovery. It also puts emphasis on the therapeutic relationship between the patient and the doctor. With reference to Phelps and Hassed, (2012), it also uses relevant interventions from different scientific disciplines to heal illness and disease in order to help people maintain or regain perfect heath.

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Integrative Health Assignment Paper

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