Why is it important for healthcare workers to understand the 5 stages?

Pick 2 of the 5 stages and discuss what types of behaviors would be associated that that particular stage and how should the healthcare worker respond. For example, Anger: The patient might yell at the receptionist because their appointment is running behind. Response: The receptionist, understanding that time is important to this patient and that they are angry, will assure the patient that they are doing everything to get them in as soon as possible. It is vital that the receptionist stays calm and does not take the angry outburst from the patient personally. Story to read to understand the Disccusion Post 1.

Debra Lansing is a 67-year-old housewife living in Ann Harbor, Michigan. She was always active in raising her five children. They are now all adults and her husband of 40 years has recently retired and she is looking forward to spending their golden years traveling to places they could only talk about when their children were younger. Just eight weeks ago, she began to notice some shortness of breath during her usual morning walk, and she has been losing weight without trying. Debra went to see her family physician. Her physician ran a series of tests and then sent her to a specialist. The specialist ordered a CT scan. After a small lesion was discovered the specialist did a tissue biopsy. This biopsy was sent to a pathologist whose report that arrived yesterday revealed the diagnosis of Stage III inoperable lung cancer. Debra does not like the outlook of radiation or chemotherapy. She has researched all of the complications and side effects associated with each treatment. The fact that her husband has just retired has left them with a fixed income and she fears the cost of medication and treatment alone will leave her husband in terrible financial burden. She does not want to go through the pain that her diagnosis offers, nor does she want her husband or children to have to bear the pain of her suffering. Today Debra met with Dr. Snow who has a machine he will let her borrow. This machine will “will assist her in making all the pain and suffering disappear.” You are Debra’s best friend and confidante. She has always been a proud, private person who does not confide in many people. She has stopped by your house to ask what you think of the idea of using the machine.

DISCUSSION POST 2 1 PAGE Not everyone thinks about just how important our kidneys are to us and our body. If we don’t have proper kidney function soon other organs in our body will start to be effected and may even shut down. Take some time to research and find out what exactly destroys our kidneys. Is it certain medications? If so, which ones? Could certain chemicals we put in our bodies be hurting our kidneys? Are there any genetic or hereditary diseases that might affect our kidneys? What can we do to take better care of our kidneys? What can we do to protect our kidneys?

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