MBA Capstone Team Contract Assignment

MBA Capstone Team Contract Assignment

MBA Capstone Team Contract Assignment

  1. Identify the roles of each team member. Every participant is required to fill at least one of the first four roles (R&D, marketing, production, and finance). The role you decide to fill determines if you need a second role or not. Refer to the course of study for a description of the major and minor roles and how they are used in each round. The most impactful and often difficult role in the simulation is R&D.


Team Name
Team Industry ID number
Team CEO*
1.      Research and Development
2.      Marketing
3.      Production
4.      Finance
Human Resources
Total Quality Management
Ethics Each team member votes

*The CEO is an administrative role only and does not have decision-making authority in the simulation. The CEO leads the team, not the simulation.

  1. List the team’s selected business strategy. Log in to Capsim, click “Getting Started,” and click “Pick a Strategy.” Review the six strategies, which can be a starting point for your own team. Note: Any quoted or paraphrased Capsim material must be appropriately cited and referenced.
  2. List the team’s primary decision-making policy (e.g., by consensus, by majority vote). List the team’s secondary decision-making policy should the first decision-making policy fail for any reason.
  3. Explain how the team will communicate in order to inform each other of team meetings, share files, provide updates, and discuss issues.
  4. List at least two conflict resolution strategies that will be used to resolve any conflicts within the team. Note: This differs from the team’s decision-making policy. Refer to the link below for a discussion on conflict resolution strategies:
  5. Answer the following questions to explain the preferred method of record keeping.
    1. Who will be responsible for recording and disseminating minutes?
    2. How and when will the minutes be disseminated?
    3. Where will all agendas, minutes, and project documents be kept?
  6. Answer the following questions to explain the method for setting and following meeting agendas.
    1. Who will set each agenda and when?
    2. How will team members be notified or reminded?
    3. Who will be responsible for the team following the agenda during team meetings?
    4. What will be done to keep the team on track during team meetings?
  7. Document the team’s targeted completion dates for the simulation and team tasks (task two – presentation).
    Simulation completion date:

Task two presentation submission date:

  1. Document the team’s proposed meeting schedule (dates and times) and meeting method (group meetings, e-mail relay, etc). Note: It is understood the schedule may vary once the team is underway.
  2. Based on the items listed below (and any other relevant factors), describe what actions or behaviors will cause a student to be designated as a non-contributor. Discuss how planned and unplanned absences will be handled. No team member can miss participating in more than two competition rounds. Students designated by the team as non-contributors will be contacted by a course instructor (after the team has engaged in its selected conflict resolution strategies) and may be dropped from the simulation and asked to re-enroll at a later datePlease explain how your team will determine how someone is a non-contributor based on the four criteria below.

 Planned absences:

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MBA Capstone Team Contract Assignment

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Unplanned absences:

Quality of Participation:


 Document, if applicable, any other items or issues the team deems important for its success.


  1. Each team member must sign this contract by typing their names in the table provided below. By signing this contract each team member agrees: 1) to abide by the team decisions reflected in this contract; and 2) to respect the privacy of team members by preventing the disclosure of the personal information contained in this contract, or any other work created by the team, to any non-team member except WGU staff.


Team Member Name Date

After completing the practice rounds, submit the completed contract to the MBA course instructor for review and approval  Submit the document in Word (text format). Do not submit a PDF or Google link. The team will receive an approved copy for each team member to submit with task one. MBA Capstone Team Contract Assignment

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