Introduce the conceptual frameworks of the ethical constructs of ethics

Introduce the conceptual frameworks of the ethical constructs of ethics, moral, or legal standards and the purpose of the paper. Write a 4 to 5 page paper (page count does not include title and reference page) that addresses the following: Introduce the conceptual frameworks of the ethical constructs of ethics, moral, or legal standards and the purpose of the paper. Consider an ethical, moral, or legal dilemma that you have encountered {… }

Client is a 44yr old female with Major depressive disorder

Students will:
  • Develop effective documentation skills for family therapy sessions *
  • Develop diagnoses for clients receiving family psychotherapy *
  • Evaluate the efficacy of solution-focused therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy for families *
  • Analyze legal and ethical implications of counseling clients with psychiatric disorders * {… }

NURS677 All Week Assignments latest 

Week 1 EHR Implementation Pros/Cons Essay

Write an essay detailing the benefits and potential consequences of implementation of a new EHR platform within a healthcare setting. Your essay should be two to three pages in length. Compose your essay in APA format with a title page, introduction, conclusion, and reference page. Cite one to two scholarly references in APA format. An abstract is not necessary. Examples of scholarly sources include professional journal articles and books obtained from library databases, national guidelines, and informatics organizations, published within the last five years. {… }

How to Organize a Nursing Research Paper

Note: I need complete 4-5 pages research paper on the provided topic area. Must address each instruction thoroughly. Must include 5-8 credible scholarly sources reference cited in APA. Must provide 100% original answer

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  1. Introduction. Use the introduction to state your thesis, outline the main points you will make in the essay/paper, and describe the conclusions which you will draw in the essay. Essays are not mystery papers; the reader should know from the beginning what your conclusions are. Use the introduction to draw the reader into the essay. {}

NUR 513 – Benchmark Assignment Sample

The advanced practice registered nurse or APRN position has steadily grown in importance in the United States. This is because the role that they play in plugging the gap between physicians and the population is immense. It is a common fact that the number of physicians practicing is virtually inversely proportional to that of the population they are supposed to be serving. To become an advanced practice nurse, one must complete a rigorous accredited postgraduate course in their specialty. This postgraduate degree is currently recommended to be a PhD … {}

Esther Park Abdominal Pain Focused Shadow Health Assessment Transcript, Objective, Subjective Solved

Mrs. Esther Park is a 78-year-old woman who comes to the clinic complaining of abdominal pain. She reports that the pain isn’t severe, but that her daughter was concerned and brought her in. It is very important to determine whether or not the situation is an emergency and the underlying cause of Esther’s discomfort. Be sure to inquire about a variety of psychosocial factors related to the GI system, including her diet, toilet habits, immunizations, recent travel, etc. This case study will offer you the opportunity to take a complete surgical, reproductive, and current sexual history. During her physical examination, take particular note as to where Mrs. Park verbalizes pain during palpation … {} ONLINE NURSING ESSAYS ASSIGNMENTS

NSG 6001 -Managing Delirium Question

NSG 6001 Knowledge Check Week 1 1. Which of the following best describes the objective portion of a SOAP note? 2. A 50-year-old female patient has a blood pressure of 118/72mm Hg, a negative family history for breast and ovarian cancer, a normal Pap smear 2 years prior and a Framingham Risk screening within normal limits. Which should be part of this patient’s routine annual well-patient exams? {}

HSC 4030 -Barriers to Healthcare for Women and Minorities

HSC 4030 HSC/4030 HSC4030 Week 4 Assignment 1 Discussion/dq Barriers to Healthcare for Women and Minorities -South University. Barriers to Healthcare for Women and Minorities. Poverty and lack of education are two big barriers to healthcare for women and minorities. Low levels of education are associated with low life expectancies and high mortality rates. People living in poverty often lack education about when, why, and where to access healthcare. There have been various legislative activities in the US to improve public health. … {}

NSG 4075 -Public Health Nursing Assignment

NSG 4075 NSG/4075 NSG4075 Week 1 Assignment 2 Discussion/Dq Assignment -South University. Aggregate Assessment. Discussion Question: In community and public health nursing the target of care is the community, thus the community is the client receiving the care. The role of the nurse is to evaluate health concerns, and develop an aggregate plan of care to address those concerns. Aggregates or target populations in the community may include child care centers, cities, counties, senior centers, homeless shelters, minority communities, faith based organizations, work sites, schools, or other populations. Identify and discuss a few targeted populations in your community that are of interest to you, and explain … {}

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