Application of Pediatric Growth and Development Theory Paper

Application of Pediatric Growth and Development Theory Paper

Application of Growth and Development Theory Paper

One should recall that most patients who are hospitalized are feeling vulnerable, dependent and fearful.  You will be interacting with children who feel powerless due to their size and age, so they are especially vulnerable.  Addressing the patient and family members by their name shows respect. (Do NOT call the mother of the patient “mom” unless she invites you to do so. Be sensitive to spiritual, cultural, age, gender and disability of patients and their families. Offer choices whenever possible.  Allow the patient as much autonomy as is available. Make sure each patient feels cared for, involved in their care, and kept appraised of what is happening. Respect, kindness and dignity are goals for you to strive for with every patient encounter. Be a patient advocate

Be aware of the power of words-children will  frequently misconstrue meanings based on their fears and limited language skills


Objectives:  Identify different stages of growth and development and how they relate to age specific educational and diversion-types of  activities for assigned clients within the hospital.  Compare and contrast the children identified in each stage in regard to physical development, emotional development, ethnic/ cultural background, communication skills, type of play, and level of socialization. Describe age appropriate growth and development specific educational and diversion (play) activities that might be used for these clients.

Differentiate between play diversion and therapeutic play.  Develop a therapeutic play project for the patient you have selected.. Develop the plan based on their observed growth and development (use Erickson or Piaget). You must compare and contrast the observed play activities with those in the literature.  Find an appropriate play project, based on the child’s behaviors and fears.  You can determine the fears and an appropriate project based on the history you can gather from the staff nurses, parents and the child.  Your plan should have a goal that is measurable and 3 interventions (all specific and measurable).

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Application of Pediatric Growth and Development Theory Paper

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Implement the interventions you’re your therapeutic play. Carefully note the behavior of the child in response to the play project, including verbalizations and facial expressions.  Evaluate the effectiveness of the play project. Do you feel it was successful? If not, how would you alter it? , minimum of 3 scholarly resources (one may be your textbook) to be submitted to your clinical instructor as arranged. Grading criteria are as follows:

PLEASE make the following headers for your paper:

Growth and Development Stage of Patient

Compare and Contrast Patients’ behavior with those cited in literature

Selection of Patient: Rationale

Nursing Diagnosis


Interventions Planned

Actual Implementation of Interventions

Patient’s Response to Play


Application of Pediatric Theories-Therapeutic Play. Grading and Criteria




Format follows objectives and outline

Growth and development stage correctly identified and discussed ( DDST, G&D charts, Erikson).

Student compared and contrasted observed play/behavior activities with those cited in the literature.







Selected an appropriate child for this project. Selection was determined from statements by the staff, parents and child ( “he is scared of needles”,” he has no appetite, is afraid of all nurses”)”

Clear nursing diagnosis is identified and properly stated. It is supported by child’s behaviors, facial expressions, verbalizations, (assessment, vs )etc.

Goal is properly stated – relate the NOT  physical issue usually. See me with questions PLEASE! Know deficit, R/T new diagnosis, fear of the unknown, etc

Goal is measurable and specific to child.

Interventions will accomplish goal

Interventions are measurable and specific.

Implementation of the interventions is clear. Exactly what happened-what was said, what body language?

Description of the response is clear and includes quotes, facial expressions and other details to determine if the play project worked.

Evaluation is clear and adjustments or modifications are appropriate.

Information is appropriate to children identified





















Comprehensiveness meets objectives

Depth of paper is appropriate




Format /APA/Spelling/Grammar

Must be 5 pages in depth










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