ASPEN N492 Module 6 Assignment Latest 2019

ASPEN N492 Module 6 Assignment Latest 2019

ASPEN N492 Module 6 Assignment Latest 2019

N492 Community Health Nursing

Module 6 Assignment

<pstyle=”font-family: verdana,=”” sans-serif;=”” letter-spacing:=”” normal;”=””>Assignment:

In this assignment, you will develop two separate infographics (informative posters) to discuss two separate health issues relevant to the LGBT communities. In each infographic you will discuss:

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ASPEN N492 Module 6 Assignment Latest 2019

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What is the health problem
Which group(s) are most likely to be at risk
What social/behavioral/health system determinants affect this
Identify at least two potential interventions/activities the community, community health agency, community health nurse could offer to prevent and or support this health issue
What resistance might be met in implementing the intervention/activity
View these links on how to create infographics:

Infographics are to have FEW words, more pictures to tell the story, and are to be colorful and interesting. Then create yours and be sure to address the information that is in the classroom assignment. PLEASE NOTE: an infographic is a colorful one page 8.5×11 paper with pictures and very few words and there are links to help you create them in the classroom information. NOTE: supported file types have to be either pptx, docx, jpeg, or pdf. If you use hubspot that is an example in the classroom assignment, you can put and your phone number when it asks for your url and phone number.

If you submit other types of files, I cannot open them and grade your assignment. There are links in the top tab of the content assignment area of your paper that will help you learn to create an infographic. You may use graphics and colors from the internet clip art, but if they are trademarked, you must cite and reference them. You will need at least three sources that are scholarly. You may submit it all in one paper with title page, the two infographics (one on each page) and the references page, or you can submit three separate files if you like. You will not need an intro and conclusion paragraph for this assignment in your paper but you MUST have a title page on the references paper.

Here is an example of an infographic:″>

Have a great week!
You should submit two infographics and one reference list containing at least three scholarly sources. These can be submitted as three separate files.


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