Assessing dietary preferences or restrictions related to culture and ethnicity

Assessing dietary preferences or restrictions related to culture and ethnicity

Assessing dietary preferences or restrictions related to culture and ethnicity

Discuss strategies for assessing and supporting dietary preferences or restrictions related to culture and ethnicity

Unit Discussion Leader – Each of you will lead one discussion this semester, and you will be the one assigned leader for that topic.
First choose a topic/ question that is relevant to the unit content for that unit.
The topic should be deep, complex and/or controversial enough to sustain a discussion with input from your peers.

You can use the objectives with an asterisk that are provided in the unit (at the end of sections), modify those, or create a NEW relevant topic based on your review of current literature.
Use relevant resource(s) from a scholarly source (peer reviewed journal or text in addition to and OTHER than course texts).
Use at least 2 sources and one MUST be a journal.

ATTACH a PDF copy of your primary reference article. Find research when possible or relevant.
Dig deep and relate the topic/ practice issue to what is in the literature.
In your initial post, describe the problem/ issue and what is known etc.
Do not just describe clinical practice;
look into the literature AND your experience to find some new, relevant application/ conclusion/ “take-home” points for your peers to consider and relate that to the evidence.
THEN ask (list) questions of your peers to sustain the discussion.
They can be broad questions which they can all address from differing viewpoints, or several different questions to select from.
The initial post by the discussion leader is DUE BY midnight THURSDAY on the day that week opens. (See course calendar for specifics).

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Assessing dietary preferences or restrictions related to culture and ethnicity

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Do not seek perfection and leave something for the peers to say in response.
Do use a formal writing style with correct grammar and punctuation.
This is not your dissertation, so do strive for brevity and CLARITY over lengthy rambling. WORD limit for initial post: 500 (flexible guideline)
Responding to your peers
In interacting with peers as the discussion leader, go beyond the superficial and conversational exchange—
look for what your peers are adding and how that can apply in like or dissimilar cases.
Hit the discussion board multiple times during your assigned week so that you can support your peers’ input and have time to reflect and respond articulately.
Do not just “drop in” at the last minute as you can’t contribute much just at the end.
Try to think broadly and relate the topic and cases from your peers to the literature, your experience, and larger issues, expanding the initial post.

Focus on LEADING a back and forth discussion, not just posting the initial post and then disappearing for the week.

CONCLUDE at the end of the week (see course calendar); do not leave the discussion “hanging.”
Note that from the grading rubric, in order to receive an A, you must go above and beyond the basic standard, while still abiding by the approximately 500- word limit.

Peer Responders
Peers should respond BY the following Wednesday at the latest, but earlier is better so that the leader can also reflect on their responses.
Follow the general rules of good writing. Although the medium of an online discussion is limiting, avoid a “texting” style of writing; avoid grammar, spelling or APA errors that prevent clarity.
Discussion responses by peers (the students who are NOT the designated leader of the discussion) will be evaluated as “Adequate” or “Inadequate” for each of the assigned discussion, Criteria for “Adequate” is:
Posted by the deadline of Wednesday (when); earlier is better for back and forth discourse
Substantive, thoughtful, accurate (what)
SUCCINCT and articulate, moves the discussion forward (how)
SUBTANCE is much more important than LENGTH. References are not necessary if you are answering with a clinical anecdote or observation from your experience. However, a reference (evidence) is obviously needed if you are refuting or supporting evidence-based statements. It is acceptable to use course texts as references in peer responses if they do provide what you need. (The discussion leader, however, does need non-course references for initial post as described above.)
OPINIONS should be based on something and at least a rationale provided, not just “pulled from the air”. Anecdotal evidence MAY apply but should be used judiciously and appropriately!
EVALUATION: Feedback will be given privately from faculty if a peer response is lacking. If inadequate responses continue after feedback, up to 10 points may be deducted from your overall discussion leadership grade at the end of the semester.
Respond on all discussion to some degree. Although some may be more exciting to you than others, do participate as diverse points of view enrich the discourse.

Assessing dietary preferences or restrictions related to culture and ethnicity

Grading Criteria for Unit discussion posting
NURS 5470- Antepartum
Needs improvement
Above Average Standards
1. Initiation of discussion topic OVERVIEW and questions to peers Relative to unit content
Synthesizes practice/ clinical and evidence/ literature.
Accurate and relevant information
2.Use of scholarly resource(s), evaluation Resources/ evidence applied/ interpreted
At least 2 peer reviewed current relevant resources (at least one is a journal article) other than course texts
PDF of primary article ATTACHED
3. Application of evidence and reasoning Relates clinical practice to larger issues/ controversies
Clarity and depth of issue/ topic
Substantive claims supported with rationale/ references
4.Participation and summary Responds to all peers
Engage in discussion early and sustain participation.
Integrate peers’ input into summary/ conclusions
Substantive cohesive input
5. Quality of writing/ APA format Clear, concise, cogent
Only as lengthy as needed, no rambling
APA format (can add DOI)
*Note: 10 points may be deducted for each day the initial posting and the final deadlines for responses is missed.

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