Assignments: PICOT Question and Implementation Plan

Assignments: PICOT Question and Implementation Plan

Assignments: PICOT Question and Implementation Plan


Using a minimum of two articles that are supporting your PICOT question, submit one paragraph synthesizing the research into clear, concise statements without separately reviewing each of the studies in the paragraph—but by paraphrasing and synthesizing the work that was done.


Creating an Implementation Plan that will be attached to your final EBP. For the discussion board this week—outline your implementation in steps. It should describe the plan that implements your project into your practice. You have found support for your question–now you are translating this evidence into your practice.
Remember–your PICOT was used to find support for your practice change! The implementation plan is involving this change…not the question.

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Assignments: PICOT Question and Implementation Plan

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Mr. White is a 72-year-old man, with a history of hypertension, COPD and moderate dementia, who presents with 4 days of increased confusion, nighttime restlessness, visual hallucinations, and urinary incontinence. His physical exam is unremarkable except for tachypnea, a mildly enlarged prostate, inattentiveness, and a worsening of his MMSE score from a baseline of 18 to 12 today.

Mr. White’s presentation is most consistent with an acute delirium (acute change in cognition, perceptual derangement, waxing, and waning consciousness, and inattention).
1. What is the most likely diagnosis to frequently cause acute delirium in patients with dementia?
2. What additional testing should you consider if any?
3. What are treatment options to consider with this patient?


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