Dashboard and Health Care Benchmark Evaluation

Dashboard and Health Care Benchmark Evaluation

Option 1: Dashboard and Health Care Benchmark Evaluation Simulation

If you decide to use one of the simulation dashboards for your evaluation, review both dashboards, as well as the relevant local, state, and federal laws and policies linked in each dashboard. Choose one of the dashboards and consider the metrics within it that are falling short of the prescribed benchmarks.

Option 2: Actual Dashboard From a Professional Practice Setting

If you choose an actual dashboard from a professional practice setting for your evaluation, be sure to add a brief description of the organization and setting that includes:

The size of the facility that the dashboard is reporting on.

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Dashboard and Health Care Benchmark Evaluation

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The specific type of care delivery.

The population diversity and ethnicity demographics.

The socioeconomic level of the population served by the organization.

Note: Ensure that your data is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant. Do not use any easily identifiable organization or patient information.

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