NIU NURS488 Culture/ Faith Leader Interview and PowerPoint Presentation

NIU NURS488 Culture/ Faith Leader Interview and PowerPoint Presentation

NIU NURS488 Culture/ Faith Leader Interview and PowerPoint Presentation

Submit your illustrated powerpoint presentation here.

You will be creating a powerpoint presentation that will cover healthcare/nursing, spirituality, & ethics This presentation will be based on a personal interview you will have with a cultural or spiritual leader that is a different from your own. You will need to collaborate with your classmates so that a variety of communities are represented and not duplicated.

Plan for this assignment in advance since scheduling a personal interview will take time. Nearly every student has commented on much they enjoyed and learned from this assignment.

I am attaching the directions with rubric and some sample questions in case you need them.

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NIU NURS488 Culture/ Faith Leader Interview and PowerPoint Presentation

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Part One: Faith Leader Individual Interview (20 points)

1. Select a culture or faith community that is not your own.

2. Seek out a leader in this community. Resource can include contacts from your fellow students.

3. Arrange a time and place to conduct the interview. You may want to offer to send a list of questions that you may be asking. REMEMBER, this is not to be a conflict situation. You are there to learn what the teachings are for that particular culture or faith.

4. Subjects of conversation should include autonomy, how decisions are made, and what support is offered for members of that tradition. Glean information on how participants of that tradition view various aspects of decision making in health care.

5. Inquire if you may have permission to include their name and title in the presentation or remain anonymous. If they are a leader, they probably are glad to have their name known and also contact information if anyone is interested or has more questions about their community, beliefs and traditions.

6. Be sure to thank them – a handwritten note or an email is always appreciated.

Part Two: Narrated PowerPoint Presentation (30 points)

7. Create a PowerPoint presentation of your experience. Feel free to be creative. a

Please use the following titles for slides. These are just minimum. You can add additional slides depending on the direction of your interview.


A description of the person you elected to interview. You can include name/title if allowed

(5 Points)


Summary of the beliefs and demographics of the community of interest.

(5 Points)

Views on Healthcare

This can be multiple slides and is driven by the interview. Can include slides on care giving, autonomy, nursing, complimentary medicine etc.

(10 points)

Implications for Nursing Practice

What nurses need to know when caring for persons from this tradition.

(5 Points)


List references in APA style

(5 Points)

Please narrate the PowerPoint and create a presentation.

PowerPoint presentations are too large to post to Blackboard, so please convert to a video. There are multiple ways to do this if you haven’t before.

Is just a sample of available ways to convert to a video.

8. Post the video on BB. Once you have the PPT converted, you can upload the video directly to BB or you can post to you tube and link.

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