NSG 6440 Week 10 Project 3 – SOAP Note and eMedley Entries

NSG 6440 Week 10 Project 3 – SOAP Note and eMedley Entries

NSG 6440 Week 10 Project 3 – SOAP Note and eMedley Entries

Each week, you are required to enter your patient encounters into eMedley. Your faculty will be checking to ensure you are seeing the right number and mix of patients for a good learning experience. You will also need to include a minimum of one complete SOAP note using this . The SOAP note should be related to the content covered in this week, and the completed note should be submitted to the Submissions Area. When submitting your note, be sure to include the reference number from eMedley.

Submission Details:

  • By the end of the week, enter your patient encounters into eMedley and complete at least one SOAP note in the template provided.
  • Name your SOAP note document SU_NSG6440_W10_SOAPLastName_FirstInitial.doc.
  • Include the reference number from eMedley in your document.
  • Submit your document to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.

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NSG 6440 Week 10 Discussion Evidence-Based Clinical Intervention

By the due date assigned, submit your Evidence-Based Clinical Intervention to the Discussion Area.

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NSG 6440 Week 10 Project 3 – SOAP Note and eMedley Entries

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Your Evidence-Based Clinical Intervention should be submitted in a Microsoft Word document following APA style and should include the following:

  • The medical problem/diagnosis/disease.
  • Typical presenting signs and symptoms including:
    • Onset, Characteristics, Location, Radiation, Timing, Setting, Aggravating factors, Alleviating factors, Associated symptoms, Course since onset, Usual age group affected
    • Concomitant disease states associated with the diagnosis
  • The pathophysiology of the problem.
  • Three differential diagnoses and the usual presenting signs and symptoms in priority sequence with rationales.
  • Reference to at least two current journal articles that show evidence-based practice as how to best treat this disorder related to the primary differential.
  • The expected outcomes of the intervention.
  • Algorithms if available.
  • A typical clinical note in SOAP format.

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