NURS 656 All Quizzes latest

NURS 656 All Quizzes latest

NURS 656 All Quizzes latest

Week 1 quiz

Question 1 The project manager’s and nurse’s role are to diligently assess the healthcare system and consider how to improve its structure and processes to achieve:

Satisfying the requirements of the organization’s stakeholders

More favorable patient outcomes in an efficient and effective manner

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NURS 656 All Quizzes latest

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New clinical practice guidelines

A promotion and substantial pay raise

Question 2 The three sciences that make up nursing informatics are:

Nursing, clinical, and computer sciences

Information, computer, and nursing sciences

Medical, information, and computer sciences

Engineer, nursing, and clinical science

Question 3 Which is the correct sequence of the informatics continuum?

Wisdom to data to knowledge to information

Data to information to knowledge to wisdom

Wisdom to data to information to knowledge

Knowledge to information to data to wisdom

Question 4 Six Sigma is a five-step program that supports quality improvement and outcomes in health care. Which is the first step?

Defining the project goals

Improving the process

Analyzing the current problems

Making a change and managing the new process

Measuring current processes

Question 5 Health information management includes:

Tools of computers, hardware, software, networking, programming, and data storage

Project management, teams, stakeholders, and timelines of different activities

Records, coding, documentation, policy, guidelines, administration, and compliance

Technology tools and information systems in a healthcare setting

Week 2 quiz

Question 1 SIPOC is short for suppliers, inputs, process, outputs, and customers and is used as a:

High-level process map

Project charter

Stakeholder notification tool

Goals Grid

Question 2 The PM toolbox: (Select all that apply.)

Is issued to all nurse project managers

Helps to establish and maintain alignment among business strategy, project strategy, and project execution outcomes

Increases efficiency of the project players

Provides the right information to support problem-solving and decision-making processes

Question 3 What are three major steps, each including several substeps, in constructing and adapting a PM toolbox for specific projects?

Secure a strategic alignment, customize the PM toolbox, and improve continuously

Secure the role of project manager, pick a team, and pick a project

Define, analyze, and measure the project goals

Complete the data to information to knowledge continuum

Question 4 One of the most prominent theories in management today is:





Question 5 The Goals Grid is a tool for:

Showing the quickest time possible for project completion

Users to analyze the system problem

Defining the system problem

Setting and clarifying goals

NURS 656 All Quizzes latest

week 5 quiz

Question 1

The acronym SWOT stands for:

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats

System, workload, open source, time

Software, Wi-Fi strength, object oriented, tasks

Software, Windows, Open Tracker, three-tiered model

Question 2

High-level requirements

Actionable daily items

Vendor availability

Short-term goals

Question 3

The best use for Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) is:

Ensuring CDSS is separate from the CPOE (computerized physician order entry)

Creating information supported by evidence at the patient point of care

Creating an alert tip sheet

Generating a daily analysis of nursing workload

Question 4 Activating a specific response to the gap ensures:

Listing the gap on the project to-do list

Recognition and a choice to leave the gap or act on it

Specific organizational objectives and performance metrics are accomplished

Reducing or eliminating the project execution gap

Question 5 Which step addresses gaps found in project management?

Create a column chart

Perfective maintenance

Define specific action to respond to the gap

Align to the strategic goals


Week 6 quiz

Question 1

During which phase should the project manager document the current process and any work-around used in the business process?





Question 2

Which definition below describes the gap analysis term “requirements elicitation”?

Comprehensive understanding of the project’s business need

Assessing, negotiating, and ensuring requirements are correct

Detailed document describing the specific requirements

Verify the project is meeting the stated requirements

Question 3 As a new project manager, you know that completing a comprehensive requirement collection will allow you to:

Identify stakeholders

Recognize the system dysfunction

Identify business needs

Identify unknown organizational resources

Question 4

Which usability tenet supports designing a usable healthcare information system that supports “the capacity to find, process, and understand basic health information”?

Digital Divide

Population Needs

Measure and Manage

Build community

Speak the Language

Question 5

Fix system boundaries:

Elicit a list of requirements from all users impacted by the project

Detail how the project relates to the current organizational processes including a well-defined project scope

Identify everyone who has a direct or influential connection to this project

Ensure an understanding of the issues with the current healthcare system

NURS 656 All Quizzes latest

Week 7 quiz

Question 1 The critical path method diagram:

Captures all the project action items against the scheduled timeline

Efficiently captures time on a time sensitive and large scale project

Assesses action items and determines the best method to accomplish them

Writes the big goals into the project time line and notes project risk

Question 2 What is the most effective schedule development tool for capturing the relationship of action items to the timeline?

GANTT chart

Time-scaled diagram


Critical path method diagram

Question 3

The goal of scheduling during the early phase of project management seeks is to:

Monitor, control, and assess cost restrictions

Summarize the project, create project goals, and define the scope of the project

Track the project, determine personnel payments, and allocate resources

Allocate resources, monitor, control, and track the project

Question 4

By developing a project schedule, a project manager is planning the:

Outcomes of the project

Stakeholder management

Budget needs of the project

Time element of the project

Question 5

Which activity does the project manager use when controlling in a project? (Select all that apply.)






Week 8 quiz

Question 1

Lack of goal achievement relative to patient safety and quality improvement often points to underlying EHR _______________issues.





Question 2

What action is best done during the active project phase of the stakeholder management plan?

Measure stakeholder goals at the end of the project

Turn key stakeholders into advocates for project success

Complete action items in a timely manner

Align key stakeholders to the goals of the project

Unsaved change Moving to the next question prevents changes to this answer.

Question 3

The critical stakeholder management documents include: (Select all that apply.)

Stakeholder management process

Roles and responsibility

Creating automated links with the CDC

Computer Decision Support System


Question 4

In which order does the stakeholder management plan occur?

Identify, strategize, use the plan, analyze, benefits

Analyze, identify, strategize, use the plan, benefits

Identify, analyze, strategize, use the plan, benefits

Benefits, strategize, analyze, use the plan, identify

Question 5

Which maintenance phase is the result of an urgent or emergency condition that needs immediate attention?





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