NURS 656 Week 1 Discussion Latest

NURS 656 Week 1 Discussion Latest

NURS 656 Week 1 Discussion Latest

Prompt 1

Review the major tenets of the HIMSS position paper Transforming Nursing Practice Through Technology and Informatics by clicking on the link here or in the required resources for this week. Contrast it to a healthcare setting familiar to you. Describe your organization’s status in regards to the position paper

Prompt 2

Nursing informatics is dynamic and continues to evolve over time. What information technology (e.g., bar coding, EHR, mobile devices) have you witnessed that positively affected and supported safe patient care? Share specific examples and explain why and how you feel they have supported patient safety.

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NURS 656 Week 1 Discussion Latest

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Week 1 Assignment: Health Informatics Technology (HIT) Paper

The purpose of this assignment is to explore and present a summary of the literature on a selected successful health informatics technology (HIT) project that focuses on its application, trend, or issue influencing consumer, clinical, and public health informatics.


Perform an online literature search using the university library and/or Google Scholar to identify three or more scientific articles addressing a health informatics technology project that has been successfully completed/implemented.

Write a problem statement related to this healthcare informatics technology project.

In a three- to four-page paper, summarize the project/problem while integrating the evidence-based practices surrounding it.

Provide a list of references in current APA style.

When choosing your HIT project/problem to focus on this week, remember that you will use this same project/problem throughout the course for each upcoming weekly assignment. You will basically be hypothetically taking this project through all phases of a project charter as if you were acting as the project manager for its implementation at a facility. Make sure that you not only choose an HIT project that is meaningful and interesting to you, but one that you know has been successfully implemented already and has a substantial amount of research/data associated with it.

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