NURS 656 Week 2 Discussion Latest

NURS 656 Week 2 Discussion Latest

NURS 656 Week 2 Discussion Latest

Prompt 1

How is organizational culture and the SIPOC tool utilized in project planning? Describe the importance of understanding the strategic vision and alignment of the organization where the system change occurs and how this affects information technology implementation.

Prompt 2

State two major theories and models underpinning informatics and apply one of the theories to a clinical system problem in a healthcare organization. Justify your choice of this theory to the selected problem.

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NURS 656 Week 2 Discussion Latest

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Week 2 Assignment: HIT Gap Analysis Presentation

The purpose of this assignment is to analyze an issue or topic addressed through a critical gap analysis and further literature review within health informatics technology (HIT) .


Looking at the same literature/HIT project that you used last week to generate your HIT paper, define at least one major gap surrounding your informatics topic. Sources for this gap analysis may include the general media, online literature searches using the university library and/or Google Scholar, interviews of health practitioners, and interviews of the general public.

Summarize the gap(s) regarding this topic in an online presentation.

Use Kaltura to create the presentation. It should be between seven and ten narrated slides (including a reference slide) or an approximate equivalent for video.

Review the Getting Started with Kaltura link in your main menu if you need a refresher on using the tool.

Make sure to provide a list of references in current APA style.

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