NURS 656 Week 3 Discussion Latest

NURS 656 Week 3 Discussion Latest

NURS 656 Week 3 Discussion Latest

Prompt 1

Think about the Systems Life Cycle Scenario Activity you completed. Describe how clinical nurse experts assigned to an IT team selecting and implementing an EHR for a healthcare organization might address the issues of user experience and usability. Explain the importance of usability testing in the adoption of health information technology (HIT) and provide an example of HIT best practices.

Prompt 2

Select a usability questionnaire of your choice from the web link below, and measure your interaction with the newest HIT system or device in your clinical practice. Are you surprised by this usability score? Why or why not? NURS 656 Full Course Work latest 2018

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NURS 656 Week 3 Discussion Latest

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Week 3 Assignment: Table and Summary of HIT Gaps

This assignment builds on assignments 1 and 2. The purpose is to synthesize critical gap analysis by proposing creative solutions for the health informatics/information technology issue.


Based on the literature review and major gap(s) identified in your HIT project for the first two assignments, propose a creative solution(s) that would resolve the gap(s) and ensure inclusion of evidenced based practices in the solution. Sources for a proposed solution(s) may include the general media, online literature searches using the university library and/or Google Scholar, interviews of health practitioners, developers, computer scientists, technology experts, and the general public.

Summarize the solution(s) regarding this topic in a table.

The information integrated from the literature will be presented via a tabular column similar to the one shown. Distinct columns will name the discovered gaps, state the evidence-based practice from the literature, and possible solutions based on this information.

You will also write a two-paragraph summary below the table stating important takeaways based on the table for your informatics project.

Provide a list of references in current APA style.

Identified gap EBP from the literature Possible solution

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