NURS 656 Week 4 Discussion Latest

NURS 656 Week 4 Discussion Latest

NURS 656 Week 4 Discussion Latest

Prompt 1

Discuss an example of a project that did not have a clear problem statement, and include information on how the problem statement could have been more effective. (You can refer to projects that you have observed in committees and performance improvement projects if you do not have personal experience.)

Prompt 2

Identify policy and standards of a healthcare organization, and identify the governing licensing and accrediting bodies and their judicial relationship with that healthcare organization. Describe legitimate consequences and/or negative actions if these policies and standards are not accomplished by the healthcare organization. Remember to consider external licensing and accreditation organizations as well as the standing healthcare organization’s own internal policies.

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NURS 656 Week 4 Discussion Latest

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Week 4 Assignment: A3 PM Tool

Creating an A3 will integrate your work from completed assignments in weeks 1 through 3. A3 serve as mechanisms to complete a root-cause analysis and scientific thinking related to your project, while also aligning the interests of stakeholders, users, and departments throughout the organization by encouraging productive dialogue and helping people learn from one another.


Based on your informatics problem statement identified in week 1, you will complete an A3. You will complete this assignment with the application of a structured A3 Problem Solving template. Access to free A3 templates can be found at the website listed below. Choose from the The PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) Tracking Form or the A3 Problem Solving Guide and accompanying template to complete your A3.

The A3 Problem Solving template lays out an entire plan in a dashboard visual.

It should be visual and extremely concise.

It should tell a story, laid out from upper left-hand side to lower right, which anyone can understand.

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