NURS 656 Week 6 Discussion Latest

NURS 656 Week 6 Discussion Latest

NURS 656 Week 6 Discussion Latest

Prompt 1

Compare and contrast the scope statement and the statement of work.

Prompt 2

In regards to your chosen HIT project, what barriers do you anticipate the project manager will face trying to meet the requirements for the meaningful use stage? Bullet your responses and prioritize them in order of importance, explaining your rationale.

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NURS 656 Week 6 Discussion Latest

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Week 6 Assignment: Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, and Customers (SIPOC) Mitigation Plan

In your informatics process improvement project, the SIPOC tool will summarize the inputs and outputs of one or more processes in table form. Specifically, the SIPOC identifies project risks and creates a mitigation plan for your identified informatics project.


Create a Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, and Customers (SIPOC) Mitigation Plan. The acronym SIPOC forms the columns of the table.

Incorporate three of the Learning Health Systems (LHS) core values into the Process, Outputs, and Customer column.

The LHS core values are described in your week 6 required resources.

Download the SIPOC Template at:

Week 7 Assignment: Gantt Chart

The Gantt chart is a scheduling tool that uses bars to represent project activities and to show when the project, and each activity within the project, starts and ends against a horizontal time scale. Having a Gantt chart ensures that your project participants have the necessary time allocated on their calendars and are available to perform their activities.


Based on your informatics problem statement identified in week 1:

Create a Gantt chart for your project plan using a template created in Excel. Make sure to include specific and appropriate performance outcome measures in your Gantt chart. Reference Chapter 6 in Martinelli and the required resources located in this week for guidance.

Separately summarize how the selected performance measure will assure proper measurement, data collection, monitoring, and analyzing in your project.

Create a PowerPoint presentation using four slides.

Slide 1: Introduction slide of the healthcare informatics project

Slide 2: Copy your Gantt chart (created in Excel) to a PowerPoint slide

Slide 3: Bulleted summary supporting your selection of Performance Measurements included in the Gantt chart

Slide 4:

You will submit three separate documents this week: Executive Dashboard, Work Breakdown Schedule, and PowerPoint Summary of WBS, including Gantt Chart

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