NURS 656 Week 7 Assignment: Gantt Chart

NURS 656 Week 7 Assignment: Gantt Chart

NURS 656 Week 7 Assignment: Gantt Chart

The Gantt chart is a scheduling tool that uses bars to represent project activities and to show when the project, and each activity within the project, starts and ends against a horizontal time scale. Having a Gantt chart ensures that your project participants have the necessary time allocated on their calendars and are available to perform their activities.


Based on your informatics problem statement identified in week 1:

Create a Gantt chart for your project plan using a template created in Excel. Make sure to include specific and appropriate performance outcome measures in your Gantt chart. Reference Chapter 6 in Martinelli and the required resources located in this week for guidance.

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NURS 656 Week 7 Assignment: Gantt Chart

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Separately summarize how the selected performance measure will assure proper measurement, data collection, monitoring, and analyzing in your project.

Create a PowerPoint presentation using four slides.

Slide 1: Introduction slide of the healthcare informatics project

Slide 2: Copy your Gantt chart (created in Excel) to a PowerPoint slide

Slide 3: Bulleted summary supporting your selection of Performance Measurements included in the Gantt chart

Slide 4: References

You will submit three separate documents this week: Executive Dashboard, Work Breakdown Schedule, and PowerPoint Summary of WBS, including Gantt Chart.

NURS 656 Week 8 Assignment: HIT Executive Summary and Video Presentation

The purpose of the executive summary is perhaps the most important section of your healthcare informatics project. It is usually the first section of a business plan that leadership will read, but it should be written last. A successful executive summary presents the highlights of your project and is an opportunity to support clinical and administrative safe processes.


Create an Executive Summary and Presentation of your HIT project. You will integrate and summarize the work that you have accomplished over the last seven weeks and present it via an executive summary and a Kaltura video.

Executive summary

Your written executive summary will be a maximum of three to four pages and completed in current APA format following the instructions outlined below.

Your executive summary needs to be consistent with the full business plan to secure facility leadership support for this informatics project.

You should include your:

Healthcare mission and vision statements

A brief sketch of your plans and goals

A quick look at your company and its organization

An outline of your strategy

Highlights of your gathered informationfrom all weeks of the course

The key to the executive summary is to pick out the best aspects of every part of your plan. Extract the essence of each key part and present a highlight reel of your business.

What is the informatics problem and how does it fit into your healthcare organization?

You will need to explain why your idea has merit and how it can solve a common problem by making things easier, faster, or cheaper for your healthcare organization. Be sure to include your problem statement in week 1, and integrate and summarize the gap analysis and gap solution in weeks 2 and 3 for this section. Include best practices applied from the literature. Demonstrate that there is a problem and why it needs to be addressed in reference to patient safety.

What did your collection of information with the A3 PM, WBS, and SIPOC tools reveal?

Include an image of one of the more relevant tools as an image in this section. Summarize the effects of these tools on the informatics project and be sure to include a focus on the user and current usability issues that are now present in the health information technology?

How much will it cost, and how much financing are you seeking?

Decide if this is an internal solution (using IT in the healthcare organization) or an external solution (buying software from a vendor). Provide a short explanation of how you will use any financing you seek.

What are the immediate and future recommendations?

The summary is the place to put your best foot forward to speak about immediate recommendations to leadership. Paint a realistic and factual portrait of a compelling opportunity for the healthcare organization and outline the risks inherent in it.


Create a Kaltura video introducing your informatics project to facility leadership following the outline from the executive summary above.

Your Kaltura video presentation should be a maximum of four to five minutes long, not to exceed 5 minutes.

Review the Getting Started with Kaltura link in your main menu if you need a refresher on using the tool.

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