NURS 659 All Quizzes latest 2018

NURS 659 All Quizzes latest 2018

NURS 659 All Quizzes latest 2018

Week 2 Quiz

In which important step of the patient care workflow does workflow support aid? (Select all that apply.)

Automation of decision-making

Diagnostic advice based on parameters


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NURS 659 All Quizzes latest 2018

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Care transitions

Patient documentation

Question 2

Goals of usability of health information technology defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) include which of the following? (Select all that apply.)


Ability to be used on or off line



Available workarounds

Question 3

Which is considered a human factor according to the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society?

The speed of connectivity

The availability of support staff

Types of clinical decision support available

Placement of a table in the operating room

Question 4

What is a primary reason that decision support systems are not integrated in clinical settings?

Lack of incentives

Security issues with the software systems

Limited research supporting these systems

Lack of available systems

Question 5

Which type of clinical decision support notifies clinicians or patients about important conditions or recommendations based on the patient’s clinical data?

Point of care alerts and reminders

Medication dosing support

Order facilitators

Expert systems

NURS 659 All Quizzes latest 2018

Week 3 Quiz

Question 1

What is the final step in the systems life cycle (SLC)?


Implement or go-live


Return to analyze

Question 2

What is included when performing the initial internal and external data collection step in the system selection process?

Signing the agreement and beginning the installation process

Developing the initial system specifications

Defining and prioritizing system requirements

Using formal evaluation criteria to rate vendors

Question 3

What priority information should be included when identifying system requirements for a new electronic health record?

Work around being used

Paper documents in use

Current processes

Future workflow

Question 4

High-level project goals are identified and established during which phase of project management?





Question 5

Which is a framework for understanding the process of developing or configuring, implementing, and using an information system?

Open shift management

Problem classification scheme

Systems life cycle (SLC)

Clinical decision support (CDS)

Week 4 Quiz

Question 1

What information or tips should be included in the design process?

Minimize keystrokes or excessive scrolling

Provide many alerts within the system

Include easy prompts for all physician questions

Provide a variety of looks to distinguish the type of screens

Question 2

During which type of go-live should an organization use both paper and electronic environments at the same time within the healthcare institution?

Hybrid implementation

Big bang

Train the trainer

Phased go-live

Question 3

Which phase of the systems life cycle includes an upgrade for new components to be obtained and installed?





Question 4

If an institution is using the big bang go-live approach, which type of training is the most appropriate?

Bringing in temporary trainers

Training the trainer

Bringing in school educators

Using super users

Question 5

When setting up volume testing for an organization that is preparing to implement an electronic health record, when is the best time to test the system?

When students are not logging in

During a scheduled downtime

The middle of the night

During the busiest time of the day

Week 6 Quiz

Question 1

What must a facility do to comply with the category of using health information through the Joint Commission information management accreditation standards?

Ensure that knowledge-based information resources are available

Maintain accurate health information

Create a plan for managing information

Protect the privacy of health information

Question 2

Which type of assessment is required by both the HIPAA security rule and meaningful use to identify gaps and weaknesses that could lead to security breaches?





Question 3

Which function is included in mHealth applications?

Connect to a physician for treatment

Send prescriptions to the patient’s pharmacy

Transfer entire records to other providers

Request a change in provider

Question 4

Which action to avoid fraud and abuse is recommended by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services toolkit?

Purchasing a system that incorporates anti-fraud features

Showing what and when something in an EHR is modified, not the person when doing audits

Running audit logs during high traffic times

Training only key informatics personnel regarding risks associated with EHRs

Question 5

An important aspect of the HITECH act is the inclusion of:

Requirements for privacy breaches

Guidelines for social media

Handling of lab and diagnostic testing

Provisions for financial security

Week 7 Quiz

Question 1

What type of taxonomy, that provides terminology structure for care and care plans, consists of three levels of actions or activities?

The Outcome in Assessment Information Set (OASIS)

Problem classification scheme

The Omaha System

Intervention scheme

Question 2

What is the responsibility of a local health department? (Select all that apply.)

Creating automated links with the CDC

Implementing control measures

Investigating public health situations

De-identifying information

Receiving reports from hospitals and clinicians

Question 4

What is a benefit in public health for participating in a health information exchange (HIE) initiati

Fast receipt of disease reports

Record of people declining immunizations

Access to an advisory council for public health issues

Electronic linkage between public and private healthcare organizations

Question 5

What is the primary goal of public health surveillance?

Providing health information to public health staff, government leaders, and the public to guide policy and programs

Reporting of disease, injury, and final events such as births and deaths

Acquiring information specific to diseases occurring in the population

Organizing systems and tasks related to public health

Week 8 Quiz

Question 1

Which is an example of a patient virtual community?


Connected health



Question 2

A benefit to utilizing social networks and health care is that it:

Restricts healthcare professionals from joining the group

Provides a means of transferring anonymous reportable data to the CDC

Maintains a confidential healthcare platform

Allows patients to connect with others who have similar issues or interests

Question 3

Which individual is least likely to adopt a personal health record?

Someone newly diagnosed

A healthcare worker

Young adults

A low-income patient

Question 4

Which principle related to personal health record design allows consumers to know what information has been collected about them, the purpose of the use, who can access the information, and where the information is located?

Purpose specification

Individual participation in control

Openness and transparency

Accountability and oversight

Question 5

Which term is used to refer to a person invested in incorporating tools and technology in his daily life to quantify and monitor daily experiences through metrics?

Quantified self

Participatory consumer

Digital consumer

Qualified self

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