NURS 659 Week 8 Quiz latest 2018

NURS 659 Week 8 Quiz latest 2018

NURS 659 Week 8 Quiz latest 2018

Question 1

Which is an example of a patient virtual community?


Connected health

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NURS 659 Week 8 Quiz latest 2018

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Question 2

A benefit to utilizing social networks and health care is that it:

Restricts healthcare professionals from joining the group

Provides a means of transferring anonymous reportable data to the CDC

Maintains a confidential healthcare platform

Allows patients to connect with others who have similar issues or interests

Question 3

Which individual is least likely to adopt a personal health record?

Someone newly diagnosed

A healthcare worker

Young adults

A low-income patient

Question 4

Which principle related to personal health record design allows consumers to know what information has been collected about them, the purpose of the use, who can access the information, and where the information is located?

Purpose specification

Individual participation in control

Openness and transparency

Accountability and oversight

Question 5

Which term is used to refer to a person invested in incorporating tools and technology in his daily life to quantify and monitor daily experiences through metrics?

Quantified self

Participatory consumer

Digital consumer

Qualified self

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