PSY 452 – Consent and Debriefing forms

PSY 452 – Consent and Debriefing forms

PSY 452 – Consent and Debriefing forms

It is imperative for psychology students to learn how to create informed consent and debriefing forms that adequately state the purpose of studies to the participants in an ethical manner. Create an informed consent form and a debriefing form that explains the nature and true purpose of the study.

Please use two sources from the GCU database link that is listed below, I will also add the graded rubric for reference as to what the professor is looking for as well as an example provided by the instructor.
Link to access the database is below and the log in is


PSY-452 Consent Debriefing Form

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PSY 452 – Consent and Debriefing forms

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Scoring Guide

Grading category Points Comments
Consent contains information pertaining to the study as a whole. /5  
Potential risks and benefits of the experiment are clearly outlined for the participant. /5  
Procedures to be followed are fully explained with an opportunity for participants to ask any questions. /5  
Assurance is given that all data will remain private and confidential. /5  



Consent form is written in a clear and concise manner in understandable language at the appropriate reading level for the participants. /2  
Solid academic writing is evident /3  
Total /25  


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