Topic 2 – Cognitive Changes during Adulthood

Topic 2 – Cognitive Changes during Adulthood

PSY-358 Adult Development and AgingTopic 2 – Cognitive Changes during Adulthood

Directions: This assignment will require you to type directly in this worksheet. Part I will require you to research cognitive related changes during adulthood. In each box, describe 3-4 cognitive changes that generally occur during that age-range (include things such as memory, attention, structural change, processing speed, executive functioning, and neurotransmission). Part II, requires that you answer the follow-up questions.  Please delete the examples in red.

A minimum of three resources are required. Your textbook may serve as one resource. Make sure the references are current and cited both with your chart and referenced in the reference section.

Part I: General Cognitive Changes

Age Range Brain Development/Cognitive Changes
Emerging Adulthood through Early Adulthood

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Topic 2 – Cognitive Changes during Adulthood

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(approx. 17-25-ish)



The prefrontal cortex is still developing, which influences reasoning, judgement, and problem solving …


The limbic system, which serves as the reward system (e.g. linked to risk taking)…


Synaptic pruning…

Early Adulthood

Through Middle Adulthood




Middle Adulthood

through late adulthood

(45-ish through death)



Part II:  Follow-up Questions

In 150-250 words, please answer the following questions:

  • During what age range do we see the most dramatic cognitive changes occurring?
  • Choose (and explain how) at least two factors that might exacerbate the cognitive changes above. Examples: Lack of sleep, binge drinking.
  • What can be done to offset some of these cognitive changes (chose one example from your chart and include both preventive and accommodating ideas/tips). Examples: Nutrition and creativity.
  • What was your biggest take-away from this activity? What changes might you make now?



Full APA references belong here

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