Assignment: Practical Application of Theory/Models in “Real World” Situations

Assignment: Practical Application of Theory/Models in “Real World” Situations

Assignment: Practical Application of Theory/Models in “Real World” Situations

For this Assignment, you will identify a public health issue (topic) and a target population from within your community. The specific community health issue and target population selected for this intervention must be a verifiable health topic and target in your specific community. Then, using any of the theories/models discussed in this course, you will create an intervention to address this public health issue. The constructs of the theory/model chosen must be used in the creation of the intervention to address the selected population health issue. The resulting intervention must attempt to impact health behaviors or threats to the health and well-being of the selected target population.

This Assignment is about being creative and innovative, within the confines of evidence-based theory and producing an intervention. Your intervention can be either a one-time shot or long-term program that could be of value in addressing the specific need within the community in which you reside. Budget is not necessarily a concern here, so go wild if you like! Grading for this assignment will consider the following:

  • Understanding of the theory/model chosen
  • Feasibility of the intervention created based on the theory/model constructs
  • Level of creativity in addressing an identified community issue

To prepare:

  • Identify a public health issue within your community. (Examples might be alcohol use reduction for teens at prom, anti-smoking campaigns for construction workers, HIV/AIDS education programs for elementary students, disease prevention and health promotion for seniors at a long-term care facility, or increasing diagnostic testing participation for colonoscopies with middle-class women over 60 years of age.)
  • The specific topic and target population must be selected from your community and must be a verifiable issue. To be verifiable, it must have been a newspaper story, a health department memo or newsletter, a city proclamation, or any issue for which you can provide actual documentation, to verify, that the issue you chose was one currently or recently occurring in your community. That documentation must be provided with your response.
  • Choose a specific theory or model to use in creating an intervention to this public health issue. Your intervention must use the constructs of the theory/model and must be specific to the target group, for that topic, in your community. For example, the Social-Ecological Model (discussed last MOD) is composed of levels, namely interpersonal, intrapersonal, institutional, community, and societal. It is based on the belief that change within the physical and social environments will also influence health behavior within individuals. Consequently, if one chose the SEM as their theory/model, emphasis on the 5 levels would be critical. If, on the other hand, the Social Capital Theory was chosen, it is based on networks and relationships, with the two important factors being trust and reciprocity. So, your intervention most certainly would address cooperation, working together, and building strong bonds for healthy relationships and communities.

Write an 8- to 9-page paper (not including title page and references) that includes the following:

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Assignment: Practical Application of Theory/Models in “Real World” Situations

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  • Title page
  • Introduction of public health issue and target population with documentation and brief explanation
  • Theory/model to be employed in addressing issue (explain why you chose this theory/model)
  • Identify the constructs of the theory/model and explain how they apply to your community issue
  • At least one paragraph specifically describing your intervention for each construct
  • Evaluation of intervention
  • Conclusion

By Day 7 of Week 10

Submit your Assignment.

Submission and Grading Information


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