NIU NURS 488 Week 2 Discussion

NIU NURS 488 Week 2 Discussion

NIU NURS 488 Week 2 Discussion

Discuss the video listed under the week 2 content. Answer the following questions.

What ethical principals were followed by the nurse?

What ethical principles were followed by the police officer?

Was there negligence? If so where?

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NIU NURS 488 Week 2 Discussion

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Was there malpractice involved? Why or why not?

Describe any intentional torts.

NIU NURS 488 Week 3 Discussion latest

Did the nurse practitioner have a duty to the patient? Why or why not?

Was there a breach of standard of care? Why or why not?

Was the nurse able to foresee any damage or injury based on her actions?

Was there causality between the nurses’ actions/inaction and the patient outcome?

Were there damages that could have been assessed by the patient or family?

IU NURS 488 Week 5 Discussion latest

In this discussion I need 2 posts. I want 1 post to say, “Pro APN” and one post to say “Anti APN” I would like each of you to provide a post for APN practice and a post against APN practice.

Make sure to cover expanded scope of practice, prescriptive au

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