NR503 Week 5 Assignment: Infectious Disaster Paper

NR503 Week 5 Assignment: Infectious Disaster Paper

NR503 Week 5 Assignment: Infectious Disaster Paper


Infectious disease occurs worldwide and must be addressed just as chronic disease is approached. Thisassignment will offer the opportunity to explore the various communicable diseases, the epidemiological background data, as well as, the implications of these infections.


Through this assignment, the student will demonstrate the ability to:

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NR503 Week 5 Assignment: Infectious Disaster Paper

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CO 3: Identify appropriate outcome measures and study designs applicable to epidemiological subfields such as infectious disease, chronic disease, environmental exposures, reproductive health, and genetics.

CO 6:Identify important sources of epidemiological data.


Criteria for Content

Apply the concepts of epidemiology to a communicable disease.

Choose one communicable disease from the following list:

• Chickenpox

• Tuberculosis

• Influenza

• Mononucleosis

• Hepatitis B


• Chlamydia

• Gonorrhea

• Syphillis

• Measles

• Pertussis

Include the following in your assignment:

• Description of the communicable disease (causes, symptoms, mode of transmission, complications, treatment) and the demographic of interest (mortality, morbidity, incidence, and prevalence).

• Describe the determinants of health and explain how those factors contribute to the development of this disease.

• Discuss the host factors, agent factors (presence or absence), and environmental factors.

• Explain the role of the community health FNP (case finding, reporting, data collecting, data analysis, and follow-up).

• A minimum of three (3) scholarly literature references is required.


Submission Requirements

1. Application: Use Microsoft Word 2013™ to create the written assessment.

2. Length: The paper (excluding the title page and reference page) is at maximum two pages.

3. A minimum of three (3) scholarly literature references must be used.

Best Practices in Preparing the Project

The following are best practices in preparing this project.

1. Review directions thoroughly.

2. Follow submission requirements.

3. Make sure all elements on the grading rubric are included.

4. Rules of grammar, spelling, word usage, and punctuation are followed and consistent with formal, scientific writing.

5. Title page, running head, body of paper, and reference page must follow guidelines as found in the 6th edition of the manual. This includes the use of headings for each section of the paper except for the introduction where no heading is used.

6. Ideas and information that come from scholarly literature must be cited and referenced correctly.

7. A minimum of three (3)scholarly literature references must be used.

8. Abide by CCN academic integrity policy.

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