NSG 6999 – Role of Diabetes Nurse Educators in Reducing Hypoglycemic Episodes in Geriatric Patients

NSG 6999 – Role of Diabetes Nurse Educators in Reducing Hypoglycemic Episodes in Geriatric Patients

NSG 6999 – Role of Diabetes Nurse Educators in Reducing Hypoglycemic Episodes in Geriatric Patients

Reading:  Chapter 18

EBP step by step Sustaining Evidence-Based Practice Through Organizational Policies and an Innovative Model

After mastering the contents of this week, the learner should be able to:

Discuss the five basic steps in developing a podium/oral presentation.

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NSG 6999 – Role of Diabetes Nurse Educators in Reducing Hypoglycemic Episodes in Geriatric Patients

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Discuss several recommendations that would assist in developing a good slide presentation.

Discuss several advantages and disadvantages of using a poster as a means of disseminating information about evidence-based practice.

Describe the five main topical areas that should be included in an evidence-based practice poster.

Describe the major steps in disseminating evidence through publication.

Identify typical topics and the components of a health policy brief.

Discuss the use of new media in disseminating evidence based findings.

These are the instructions below; IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE IN POWERPIONT PLS!

Week 9 is the Dissemination plan

Disseminates best practices supported by to improve quality of care and patient outcomes

Participates in strategies to sustain an evidence-based practice culture.

Content Areas in an Evidence-Based Practice Poster

Content Areas to Include in an Evidence-Based Practice Poster below:

Background/significance: Provides the nature and/or importance of the clinical problem

Clinical question: States the PICOT question addressed,See picot question below.

PICOT: In geriatric patients with Type II diabetes(P), does having a diabetic nurse educator  (I) compared to not having a diabetic nurse educator (C) decrease hypoglycemic episodes of self-management (O) during a six-month time frame. (T)

Search for evidence/accepted practice: Discusses the search parameters and methods and the evidence sources used

Presentation and critical appraisal of the evidence: Provides a succinct summary of the conclusions drawn from evaluating the available evidence

Clinical practice implications: Describes clinical practice implications


Week 9’s Discussion is the submission of your power point presentation of your proposal ONLY. Do not submit your entire paper in the discussion area – submit the POWER POINT ONLY.

Remember, be sure to cut back the text on the power point. It is to be a presentation with bullet points, with very few words.  See my post in week 9 with power point directions.


Hi everyone,

In previous courses, students have always placed too much text on their presentation slides.

There is something called The Rules of Sevens – related to designing a power point presentation – and that is what you should use – ALWAYS – whenever you create a presentation.  The reason for designing your presentation in this manner is because people can read a slide a LOT faster than you can present it to them if you read to them, so they are done a LOT earlier than you and become bored.  If you just do bullet points, they do not know for sure what you are going to say, and you keep their attention.  Hope this makes sense?

Anyway, here are the rules:

  1. no more than 7 bullet points per slide
  2. no more than 7 words per bullet points
  3. use notes pages for any information that cannot be included in the bullet points – look up how to access the notes pages if you are not sure – basically you go to the View area of the power point and it is a selectable view – then type in the page under the slide what you would say if you were doing a presentation. DO NOT TYPE OR CUT AND PASTE your entire paper.  There is no way you would read your entire paper to the class if you were presenting.  Try to do this as close as you can to a real life presentation.
  4. the information on each slide should only take a minute to discuss or present to the audience – so now you know about how much information should be in the slide and the notes pages
  5. prepare a slide for each minute that you have allotted for your presentation – so a 20 minute presentation would have 20 slides.

Hope this helps!

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