NURS 655 Week 1 Quiz Latest

NURS 655 Week 1 Quiz Latest

NURS 655 Week 1 Quiz Latest

Question 1

What does velocity mean in the context of big data?

The biases, noise, and abnormality in system data

The measure of how fast data is coming into a system

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NURS 655 Week 1 Quiz Latest

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The multiple formats of data within a system

The vast amount of data that is stored in a system

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Question 2

Which relationship is considered the relational modeling ideal?

One-to-ten (1:10)

Many-to-many (M:N or M:M)

One-to-many (1:M)

One-to-one (1:1)

Question 3

What plays an important role in database management systems for the implementation of primary keys?





Question 4

Which model forms a representation of a database as seen by the database management system?





Question 5

What serves as a blueprint for database design?

Data integrity

Data warehouse

Data model

Database management system

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