NURS 655 Week 2 Quiz Latest

NURS 655 Week 2 Quiz Latest

NURS 655 Week 2 Quiz Latest

Question 2

What are the basic characteristics of Structured Query Language (SQL)?

SQL is a stand-alone application

SQL is a data manipulation language

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NURS 655 Week 2 Quiz Latest

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SQL is a nonprocedural language

SQL is a complex language that requires in-depth education to learn

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Question 3

What kind of design philosophy is used when attributes are first defined then grouped to form entities?





Question 4

What makes data meaningful in a database?

Defined and applied business rules

Application design and implementation

Data integrity

Characteristics of the data elements

Question 5

What two tasks must be completed before using a relational database management system?

Create the database structure

Enter preliminary data into the database

Apply the rules of precedence to the data

Create the tables that will hold end-user data

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