NURS 658 Week 1 Quiz Latest

NURS 658 Week 1 Quiz Latest

NURS 658 Week 1 Quiz Latest

Question 1

What is the definition of an integrated care EHR according to ISO/DTR 20514?

A web-based application, which is controlled by the patient to view their electronic health record

A standard for exchanging clinical documents between healthcare applications

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NURS 658 Week 1 Quiz Latest

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A lifetime health record of a patient, which includes information from all specialties

A repository of information regarding the health of the subject of care in the computer processable form that can be stored and transmitted securely and is accessible by multiple users

Question 2

Which factors affect the implementation of electronic health records? (Select all that apply.)


Compliance with healthcare information management systems society (HIMSS)

Availability of ICD-10

Unique identification


Question 3

The ability of healthcare systems to integrate and share data with ease is defined as:

Health data management


The clinical process model

Content exchange

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Question 4

What area is defined as part of ISO/TS 18 308 security and privacy requirements? (Select all that apply.)

Structural design

Legal ramifications

Confidentiality access

Audit control

Question 5

Established by the international organization for standardization, ISO/TC 215 is:

The component of the electronic health record restricting shared access

A standard defining the content structure of electronic health records

A committee working in the area of health informatics

A set of privacy standards that describe privacy and security of health information

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