NURS659 Week 8 Discussion 1 & 2 latest

NURS659 Week 8 Discussion 1 & 2 latest

NURS659 Week 8 Discussion 1 & 2 latest

Discussion Prompt 1

Do an Internet search for new technologies that focus on patient engagement. Discuss one of your findings. Also describe two strategies a provider can use to engage patients in monitoring their health. In the interest of public health, do you believe all capable patients should be expected to monitor their health using accessible tools? What, if any, are the unintended consequences of that expectation?

Discussion Prompt 2

What societal and technological trends do you see that might promote increased adoption and use of personal health records (PHRs)? What specific types of data or functions do you think would draw people who are not current PHR users to adopt and use the PHR? How do you think this might vary by user attributes (e.g., age, disease status, health literacy)?

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NURS659 Week 8 Discussion 1 & 2 latest

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NURS659 Week 8 Signature Assignment: Mobile Health and Social Media Plan

As a new NI, you are provided the task of creating a new mHealth and social media plan aimed at providing patient education for your organization. The fictional organization can be any size or location you like, but specific details about its facilities, locations, staff, services, and patient demographics should be included in your assignment submission. Be creative!

Think about social media tools such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, and research how you can use these tools to provide patient education and gather statistics for an organization.

Create a plan that includes the following:

Describe in detail your fictional organization, including the previously listed details and any others you feel are pertinent to the project.

Select one of the tools and explain why you think it would be a good choice to provide patient education to the population your organization serves and to gather statistics for the type of fictional organization you have created.

Provide a summary of the initial content that you would post, explaining why you chose this particular content. Then, provide a summary of at least four possible follow-up posts with explanations on why they align to the initial post.

Include a visual example—a screenshot of an example you have seen that you would like to model or the actual design if you have already built one—that shows how you would design the page/blog/video. (Please note that you are not expected to actually build anything on social media sites for the purpose of this assignment.

Create and describe a dissemination plan for both initial and ongoing implementation and how you plan to evaluate the effect/usage of using this tool.

Describe what benefits and challenges you foresee in both creating and maintaining this type of social media tool for your organization.

Your plan/paper should follow APA format and include at least five scholarly resources. Examples of scholarly sources include professional journal articles and books obtained from library databases, national guidelines, and informatics organizations, published within the last five years.

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