NURS 3150 Week 2 Discussion Essay Paper

NURS 3150 Week 2 Discussion Essay Paper

NURS 3150 Week 2 Discussion Essay Paper

This unit introduces population health, public health and primary health care principles to the analysis of community based emergency health (CBEH). Population health principles are applied to illness prevention and health promotion. The use of health datasets in population and public health is also discussed. The basis of science, knowledge and evidence is explored along with the principles and use of evidence-based practice in the CBEH setting. Students are encouraged to develop their capacity for enquiry, research, critical thought, critical appraisal and analysis through the semester. Information technology is used to access and interrogate the multitude of health datasets. NURS 3150 Week 2 Discussion Essay Paper

Upon successful completion of this unit, students should be able to:

  1. Outline the essential features of the Australian Healthcare System.
  2. Describe the essential features of population health, contemporary public health, and primary health care, and relate them to community-based emergency health care.
  3. Explain the concepts of science, knowledge and truth, scientific method, research, and evaluation.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of the core elements of a scholarly approach to investigations.
  5. Develop the ability to use information technology to access resources relating to community-based emergency health care.
  6. Demonstrate critical appraisal of the literature related to aspects of emergency care practice.
  7. Outline the epidemiological approaches to community based emergency health using examples of contemporary emergency health issues.
  8. Develop an understanding and awareness of inequalities in the community and their impact on health status and for the provision of adequate community-based emergency health services.
  9. Describe the importance of clinical research and the role of the paramedic in research that informs clinical practice.
  10. Outline the principles of evidence-based practice in determining the evidence and transmitting theory to practice in the setting of CBEH.


  • Examination (2 hours) (40%) (Hurdle)
  • Portfolio (60%) (Hurdle)NURS 3150 Week 2 Discussion Essay Paper

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NURS 3150 Week 2 Discussion Essay Paper

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  • Read Chapter 3: Section 3.3 Generating Ideas
  • Read Chapter 3: Section 3.4 Organizing Ideas
  • Read Chapter 5: Section 5.2 Persuasive Writing
  • Read Chapter 6: Section 6.4 Argumentative Writing
  • View the ENG121 Week 2 Assignment: Outline video
  • Review the Sample Outline
  • Review the Guide to Writing an Introductory Paragraph and Outline

This week, you will begin the process of organizing your thoughts and support points for your critical response essay by creating an outline. Outlines are useful when developing your thesis statement and support paragraphs, and they can be used as the roadmap for your essay once you start drafting it.

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  • Fifteen Takes on California
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  • Kentucky Writers in Kentucky
  • The Audacity of V oice

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