Nursing research is a field focused on exploring/evaluating and developing novel nursing practices which build upon the scientific foundation for clinical practice.

Our primary goal is to elevate the level of nursing research at Cincinnati Children’s and engage in multi-site research with internal and external collaboration. To this end, attracting well qualified and funded nurse researchers is essential to developing a culture of high standards in research that is patient oriented and strategically driven. NURS 3151 – Foundations of Nursing Research Assignment Paper

Current Research

Faculty members in our division are conducting a number of studies that focus on improving health outcomes for hospitalized children.

Research areas include:

  • Care of the preterm infant
  • Transitions to home
  • Safety and quality nursing care improvements
  • Symptom management in seriously ill children
  • Comfort and support for children and their families.

Our researchers use clinical trial designs, large data set and human factors analysis, and an array of statistical techniques ranging from simple to complex.

We collaborate with faculty in other divisions at Cincinnati Children’s including Neonatology, Hospital Medicine, the Heart Institute, and the James M. Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence. We also collaborate with other institutions including The Ohio State University and Nationwide Children’s Hospital. NURS 3151 – Foundations of Nursing Research Assignment Essay