Sociology Report Assignment Final

Sociology Report Assignment Final

Sociology Report Assignment Final

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Once you have created your proposal, received feedback, and refined the direction of your research project, the next step is to begin preparing and analyzing your data. This is the work that occurs ‘behind the scenes’; it is an iterative process of preparing variables, analyzing the data, and refining the analytical approach until a final product is reached. This is the component of quantitative research we are not subjected to, as we often only read the published article which lacks any indication of the hard work that occurs prior to developing the final product. Your main objective for this assignment is to draft a semi-formal report explaining, in detail, the step-by-step process that was taken to conduct statistical analyses aimed to address the particular research scenario you have chosen (based on Assignment One) and your proposed research question.

This report is part two of a three-stage project for this course (by the end of the three-stage project you will have produced the Method and Results section of a research paper). The major purpose of this assignment is to conduct your analyses and, most importantly, show/explain the steps you took to conduct your analyses, as well as provide interpretation of the output (i.e., results). Feedback on this assignment will be used to identify adjustments that might be necessary prior to proceeding with the final stage of the project (i.e., Assignment Three) to ensure analyses were conducted appropriately and results/output are interpreted accurately. Therefore, it is compulsory to submit Assignment Two in order to proceed to Assignment Three.

As per Assignment One, for this three-stage course project, you are focusing on the topic of victimization. You were to choose ONE of the major research scenarios and create a research proposal around this. The research scenario you chose in Assignment One will be the scenario you follow for the remainder of the course project. For this assignment, you will be analyzing data from the 2009 Canadian General Social Survey on Victimization (a secondary dataset); see “Course Documents” for both the codebook and dataset.

Following this general structure, the goal of the assignment is to display and describe the steps taken in conducting statistical analyses, as well as provide some interpretation of the results/output. Throughout each ELEMENT of the assignment, you will be required to provide images (i.e., screenshots) of the process in conducting your analyses (the images will be of the steps taken using the SPSS software). The images will show:

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Sociology Report Assignment Final

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(1) selection of the statistical technique;

(2) entering variables into appropriate windows/selecting appropriate analytical tools;

(3) the product of the analytical procedure (e.g., the output).

The images will be supplemented by text to describe, in further detail, (a) the steps that were taken to conduct the analyses and (b) to interpret the final product (e.g., the results/output). The written portion will allow you to provide context to the images, as well as allow you to interpret findings in a semi-formal manner in order to gather feedback for the formal report (i.e., Assignment Three).

NOTE 1: Assignment Two should be prefaced with important information on your research project, such as the scenario you have chosen and your proposed research question. This will aid in providing feedback.

NOTE 2: You should have a “healthy” balance of images and text. With respect to images, I’m only concerned with seeing the major steps of the statistical procedure and, most importantly, final product of this procedure. Therefore, you don’t need to provide an abundance of images that shows every minute detail; only display images that show the important aspects of the beginning, middle, and end of the statistical procedure. Therefore, the images should be enough to see exactly what you did, but not an excessive amount that shows every little detail.


Use the guidelines for the American Psychological Association (APA) 6th edition
Include a title page (should include the title of your study, your name, course, instructor, date) and references page (if necessary).

The report should be written in Times New Roman 12 pt. font, single-spaced, with margins set at 2.54cm
With text and images, the paper should be, at the very least, 9-10 pages in length (not including title page or supporting pages, such as references); there is no maximum page length, but the report should not reach excessive lengths (e.g., over 30 pages).

Images should take up NO MORE than half of a page and must be supplemented by text to express, in detail, how statistical analyses were conducted. The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is not sufficient for this assignment

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