NURS 6521 Pharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Practice-Supplements

NURS 6521 Pharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Practice-Supplements

NURS 6521 Pharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Practice-Supplements

8. A 79-year-old patient in a long-term care facility is to receive an intravenous fat emulsion. Which of the following lab values would be a priority for the nurse to assess before administration?
A) Blood glucose levels
B) Serum potassium levels
C) Serum sodium levels
D) Triglyceride levels
Ans: D
Triglycerides are the predominant dietary lipids. Fats should supply no more than 25% to 30% of the total intake of a well-balanced diet. It would be most important for the nurse to know the triglyceride level before administration of the fat emulsion and to monitor the levels as appropriate. …



9. A nurse is counseling a 55-year-old woman regarding her nutritional status, and has explained the role of a particular mineral in neuromuscular transmission, cellular signaling, and blood clotting. The nurse has explained the physiological functions of
A) potassium.
B) magnesium.
C) sodium.
D) calcium.



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NURS 6521 Pharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Practice-Supplements

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10. A patient has taken an overdose of a vitamin/mineral supplement containing magnesium. The nurse will be sure to assess
A) blood pressure.
B) body temperature.
C) fluid intake.
D) skin changes.



11. A 50-year-old woman has a complex medical history that includes multiple sclerosis and type 2 diabetes. She has recently expressed interest in exploring alternative medications and herbal remedies. The nurse should follow up the woman’s statement with what suggestion?
A) “It’s best to try to separate your drugs from your supplements. Take your drugs in the morning and your supplements in the evening, or vice versa.”
B) “Make sure you check with your care provider before you start taking any herbal remedies or dietary supplements.”
C) “Natural remedies and dietary supplements are useful for people who enjoy good health, but they’re dangerous for people who have an acute or chronic health problem.”
D) “If you would prefer natural remedies over drugs, you may need to stop taking your medications for several days before starting to take natural remedies.”



12. A 70-year-old woman with a history of atrial fibrillation has been admitted with a lower gastrointestinal bleed. During the nurse’s admission assessment, the nurse realizes that the patient has been taking ginkgo biloba supplements in addition to her prescribed warfarin, a combination that has resulted in bleeding. What nursing diagnosis should the nurse identify when planning this patient’s care?
A) Risk for Injury related to adverse effects from excessive use of vitamins or herbs
B) Health-Seeking Behaviors related to the use of nutritional supplements
C) Risk for Injury related to low protein levels and malnutrition
D) Risk for Injury related to drug interactions of vitamins, herbs, or food intake with prescribed drug therapy


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