NIU NURS304 Discussion 1 latest paper

NIU NURS304 Discussion 1 latest paper

NIU NURS304 Discussion 1 latest paper

First, you must find a professional article in regards to health assessment. This article can be about a full health assessment or just a specific component. Based on your readings, experience and chosen article discuss your thoughts regarding the importance of health assessment and the role as a starting point for clinical reasoning. How well does nursing in general perform a health assessment?

How are patient outcomes affected by a nurse’s assessment?


Have you experienced/witness poor outcomes associated with lack of quality, thorough health assessment? What are the barriers to nursing for performing a thorough health assessment?

What solutions do you have to overcome the barriers?

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NIU NURS304 Discussion 1 latest paper

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Describe the use of critical thinking in diagnostic reasoning and clinical judgment. When writing any post please to ensure confidentiality of any person or place of employment if you are discussing an example.

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