NSG6440 Week 3 Discussion Latest Essay

NSG6440 Week 3 Discussion Latest Essay

NSG6440 Week 3 Discussion Latest Essay

Week 3 discussion

In week 3 you learned about other common adolescent health conditions. Review the following case study and answer the following questions:

An 18 year old white female presents to your clinic today with a 2 week history of intermittent abdominal pain. She also is positive for periodic cramping and diarrhea as well as low grade fever. She also notes reduced appetite. She notes that She admits smoking ½ PPD for the last 2 years. Denies any illegal drug or alcohol use. Does note a positive history of Crohn’s Disease. Based on the information provided answer the following questions:


What are the top 3 differentials you would consider with the presumptive final diagnosis listed first?

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NSG6440 Week 3 Discussion Latest Essay

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What focused physical exam findings would be beneficial to know?

What diagnostic testing needs completed if any to confirm diagnosis?

Using evidence based treatment guidelines note a treatment plan.

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